X-Cart Review on Extensions, Services & Usability

X-Cart Review on Extensions, Services & Usability

X-Cart is an exclusive ecommerce solution that allows you to create and manage an ecommerce website with ease. It offers a cloud based cart that includes the features of security and storage, along with an option of licensed software that you have to purchase for installing on the server.

In addition to the features of open-source PHP-based cart, it also offers other features like online management, fraud services, website designing, easy installation and migration. This article contains an explicit X-Cart review, which can help you in gaining the maximum information about it.


X-Cart can be easily installed manually or you can also install this shopping cart by using the Installation Wizard. This installation wizard is going to do the maximum work for you while installation. In fact, the most recommended methods for the installation of X-Cart is the use of Wizard. The process of manual installation of this system needs a professional working process.

Therefore, if you do not want to invest your money in professional assistance, then you can take the route of using Wizard for the process. The Wizard contains all the steps that are required for installation and it can do most of the job for you. This can make the process of installation quite easier for you.


X-Cart DesignThere are dozens of free website templates available for X-Cart. You are also going to find many themes created on the basis of CSS. You can not only attain free themes for website designs, but you are also going to find many paid designs on the web too. You can choose whatever skin colour you like for your X-Cart shopping store. You can get an easy access to different add-ons that include free and paid templates. These add-ons can be found under the tab of “goodies” in the admin panel.

You can also easily change the themes and views of your shopping store from the perspective of customers by using the bar presented above the navigation of the top level. All in all, the themes and interface of X-Cart are easy and very simple to use and customized.

Website Management Features

X-Cart is an excellent management system that helps in the management of your websites and retail stores in an effective manner. You can easily add a new product to the database of your store and then decide whether you want to make this product available in the storefront online or not.

With the help of its management features, you can easily accept the payments and get prints of the receipts and barcode labels as well. The management system works with the most effective hardware, which you might have already. It manages your online retail store in an amazing manner.

Product Management

X-Cart Product ManagementThe features of product management of X-Cart are exclusive. It incorporates excellent selling display for the products. Also, it includes the cross-selling ability and the export of data to the QuickBooks. The SEO process of X-Cart is better and contains configurable URLs and product meta tags too. It also contains the traditional one-page checkout along with other features like order tracking, order history of the customers, customer ratings and reviews as well.

The exemplary features of X-Cart help you in jumping to the current products, orders and many more through its menu. It has integrated Google Analytics in it that can help you in getting valuable information regarding conversion rates and page views of your store.

Payment and Shipping

X-Cart offers a large number of payment gateways to you including Visa, American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, 2Checkout and Checkout by Amazon. It also provides the full support to the personal and business checks, wire transfers and money orders as well. As far as shipping is concerned, it offers real time quotes for shipping from USPS servers, Canada posts and Australia Posts. X-Cart offers infinite number of delivery methods to you.

The flat rates, weight and order total is made on the basis of items. It includes sales tax and UK VAT in the shipping process. International, local and domestic shipping methods are also offered by X-Cart to you. The online shopping cart also deals with digital delivery.

Extensions and Add-Ons

X-Cart Extensions and Add-OnsIn addition to the modifications like image zoom and product building, you can get an easy access to the add-ons for improving the performance and appearance of your online shopping store. You can easily personalize it according to your needs and requirements.

There are a lot of free extensions that also include a very nice module known as f-commerce Go. It helps you by adding X-cart to Facebook. Similarly, there are hundreds of other extensions and add-ons that are going to make the process of personalization and customization quite simpler and easier for you.


All in all, if you are looking for an online shopping cart that displays amazing and engaging features, then we recommend you to choose X-Cart for it can nearly compete with some other leading solutions like PrestaShop and OpenCart in some aspects. The above mentioned X-Cart review can surely provide you with the right and desired information. If you are looking to build a high performance shopping cart site, the e-Commerce friendly web hosting packages from the companies listed below are recommended.