WPEngine VS Synthesis – Is Managed WordPress What You Need

WPEngine VS Synthesis – Is Managed WordPress What You Need

To help webmasters who have suffered from confusion and perplexity in choosing between WPEngine and Synthesis, our editors make out this side-by-side comparison as follows with a view to security, traffic, performance, price, features and technical support.

Both of WPEngine and Synthesis are big web hosting providers solely offering WordPress hosting service. To give an intuitive view for the two companies’ hosting quality, there is a rating table for WPEngine and Synthesis, which is made from all-rounded reviews. Check more information as below.

Rating WPEngine Synthesis
Overall 2 stars 2 stars
Security 2 stars 2 stars
Traffic 1.5 stars 2 stars
Features 2 stars 1.5 stars
Pricing 1.5 stars 2 stars
Performance 1.5 stars 2 stars
Reliability 1.5 stars 2 stars
Technical Support 2 stars 1.5 stars
Customers Ratings 2 stars 2 stars
Website WPEngine.com WebSynthesis.com

Plans & Pricing

reputationAs a hosting provider focusing on WordPress hosting service, WPEngine releases four differently-rated plans, which are named as Personal, Professional, Business and Enterprise severally. For the first three plans, this company charges for $29/mo, $99/mo and $249/mo. And it sets a negotiated price for the Enterprise plan. Although this web host offers 60-day money back guarantee, there is no any obvious discount or promotion available for its hosting plans. In this way, this company may not be a good option for people who are tight in budget.

Likewise, Synthesis also has released four WordPress hosting plans, which are named as Enterprise, Advanced, Professional and Standard respectively. It rates each plan at the different prices $300/mo, $147/mo, $97/mo and $47/mo in sequence. This web host is a little bit expensive considering that most managed WordPress web hosts charge their basic plan for less than $30/mo.

Security & Traffic

As is known that smart and enhanced security measures go with high performance, both of WPEngine and Synthesis regard security as one part of their plans. Both of WPEngine and Synthesis scan malware every day to reassure the site’s safety. In the further, the latter utilizes DDOS/DOS security technology and audited configurations to further secure users’ sites. But all of those mentioned measures are offered by most companies.

reputationIn the Professional plan of WPEngine, webmasters are only allowed to have 100,000 visits per month. Comparatively, webmasters are able to have 20,000 site traffics daily in the similarly-rated Professional plan of Synthesis. As a matter of fact, many people complain that WPEngine takes even crawlers and bots into site visits, which makes it unavoidable for them to go over their plans and pay for additional fees for the outgrowth.

Hosting Features & Technical Support

Hosting features are one of the most important factors in defining and distinguishing the better web host. To make things simple and clean, we make out the following comparative table between WPEngine and Synthesis by selecting the Professional plan from them. More distinctive features are showed as follows.

Features WPEngine Synthesis
Plan in Comparison Professional Plan Professional Plan
Price $99/mo $97/mo
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited 650GB
Disk Space 20GB 40GB
Allowed WordPress Sites 10 2+
Memory N/A 2GB
CDN Service yes yes
Phone Call Support yes no
On-Site Live Chat yes no
Marketing Tools no yes

Considering the amount of disk space and bandwidth as well as the number of allowed websites, the prices of the 2 plans are quite expensive. Many WordPress hosting providers offer such resources at much lower fees. For example, BlueHost provides 60 GB disk storage, 4 GB RAM, 60 GB backup storage and 10 ManageWP sites in the Professional plan which is charged at $37.5/mo.

Synthesis only allows webmasters to contact with them through its Help Desk, which not only makes people who are fond of phone call or live chat contact methods feel uncomfortable, but also is said to be even far more time-consuming than the email contact tunnel. It is not an excellent option for people ranging from newbies to experienced bloggers.


reputationBoth of the two companies proclaim to offer customers reliable uptime and fast loading speed for page. However, some people find that their sites become more and more unstable, and downtime crept in as time goes by. Besides, from our testing statistics, WPEngine doesn’t fulfill its commitment to offer its users competitive loading speed for page. In fact, the actual server response time of WPEngine is 400ms averagely, which is a little bit lower than its competitor but is also unsatisfying in view of the cost.


Both of WPEngine and Synthesis are not recommended for people who are continually looking for a cost-saving, powerful, stable and highly-performed WordPress hosting provider. If you care about WordPress only, we suggest you to consider the VPS service from BlueHost, or some other reputed companies as following,