WordPress VS SquareSpace – Which Is Better for Professional Bloggers?

WordPress VS SquareSpace – Which Is Better for Professional Bloggers?

As everybody knows, both WordPress and SquareSpace are content management system that widely used by a large number of webmasters to build a professional and functional website. Since both of them possess the potential and possibility in the assistance of building a blog, some newbies are at a loss of choosing one between them. This is the reason why we write this comparison.

In the following, we are to make an in-depth contrast by covering their merits and demerits in terms of price, user-interface, traffic statistics, and flexibility with analysis at length.

WordPress VS SquareSpace > Price

Since bloggers always give priority to the price when they select a CMS, we have a close look on the price at the very beginning. Hosting a blog by using WordPress demands a purchase of hosting service ranging from $2.25/mo to $4.00/mo. There are more details about some budget-friendly web hosting packages in this article. Moreover, a theme costs from $39 to $69.

By contrast, SquareSpace comes with 3 blog hosting packages including Personal, Professional and Business with the price that ranges from $8/mo to $24/mo which is available for an annual subscription. For a monthly subscription, the price is $10/mo, $20/mo and $30/mo respectively.

Conclusion: WordPress charges at least $66/yr whereas SquareSpace costs minimum $96/yr.

WordPress VS SquareSpace > User-Interface

user interfaceBoth these two CMSs feature a user-friendly graphic interface and differ in the options and features. To be brief, WordPress comes with a great deal of possibilities to install and modify everything according to specific demands of different bloggers. Besides, all modifications can be completed through change a line of codes in functions.php file.

Similarly, SquareSpace also possesses user-friendliness by featuring handy WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop principle of editing with which bloggers are capable of getting rid of the burden of writing codes manually.

Conclusion: Both of them are easy to use.

WordPress VS SquareSpace > Traffic Statistics

Traffic statistics does great contributions in helping bloggers to collect detailed information of visitors including what content they have read, what they are searching and even some information about their ages, interest, and residency. In this point, WordPress comes with great capability to achieve traffic statistics by allowing bloggers to add almost all the traffic statistics tools including Google Analytics, Quantcast and Alexa and so forth.

Being similar, using SquareSpace, bloggers are able to get their own Traffic dashboard that is gorgeous but easy to handle. Also, bloggers can choose to add Google Analytics code.

Conclusion: WordPress wins in this round.

WordPress VS SquareSpace > Flexibility

flexibilityAs an open source platform, WordPress makes its codes open to be used and customized, which means that any bloggers, programmers and developers are enabled to use WordPress to create their own tools including templates, plugins and themes. Furthermore, there accumulate innumerable free tools available in the WordPress community. The drawback is that no one is standing there to guarantee the quality of all these tools.

Being different, SquareSpace is gated off because of which only the develop team has the permission to create tools for users. This characteristic brings advantages because all the tools are first-class and fully integrated into the website builder of blogs. Undoubtedly, it is wonderful to build a website using tools that are carefully tested that make sure excellent running.

Conclusion: SquareSpace wins in this round.

Summary > Choose the One That Suits Specific Demands

From the above comprehensive comparison, we have revealed the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and SquareSpace respectively. Frankly speaking, both of them make contributions in their own special way. Hence, choosing one of them depends on specific requirements.

  • WordPress: is recommendable for those bloggers who have a great grasp of coding knowledge and skills, and want to customize their own website, we recommend WordPress.
  • SquareSpace: is commendable for those webmasters who have enough budgets but little knowledge in the coding and customization of blogs.

For those deciding to pick WordPress, they may need a reliable web hosting provider. The companies in the following table may do a great deal of help for they offer affordable and feature-rich packages coming with fast page loading speed and responsive technical support that helps bloggers settle technical issues with high efficiency.