WordPress VS b2evolution – Which Software is Better For Blogging

WordPress VS b2evolution – Which Software is Better For Blogging

In fact, when creating a website, no matter blogs, personal sites, photo galleries or online stores, the blog builder is really important. So, the confusion might be which blogging tool is more suitable for you. And also, this is why we come out this WordPress VS b2evolution comparison.

As the most popular blog software, WordPress and b2evolution have been widely used by millions of bloggers, but which one is better? While some review sites simply compare the 2 depending on users’ specific needs, our editors, however, carry out a comprehensive comparison between the 2 blog software, based on usability, security, SEO, customization, and support.

The Common Points between WordPress and b2evolution

Both of them can be installed and used for free. In addition, with the script installer offered by most web hosts, the installation process of these two options is really simple. This means you can set up your website with much ease. In addition, these two scripts all make the content editing, posting and changing an easy thing.

Also, they are all cross-platform and offers multiple themes, plugins and widgets for the advanced customization and flexibility.

The Pros and Cons of WordPress

Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is free and open source. It has an understandable graphical interface which helps users create or update their blogs within minutes, along with a tremendous number of themes, plugins, and widgets which allows users to change the appearance or functionality of a WordPress site according to their explicit needs. So far, this blog software has been powering approximately 24% of websites all over the world. Even more, over 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s top 1,000,000 websites are WordPress based.


  • WordPress is open-source, which means users have the ability know its source code. Besides, they are able to study the code, modify it and improve it based on their needs.
  • WordPress has countless plugins and themes. At this time of writing, there are over 25,000 plugins and 1,700 themes available for free download on WordPress.org, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • WordPress has an enormously massive users community ranging from newbies to experts.
  • WordPress is another explanation to website SEO. It provides great search engine visibility in very short time and helps drive more traffic to their blogs.
  • WordPress is definitely unbeatable in its user friendliness. It has a very simple installation process called “2 minutes installation”, with which even a novice can set up a blog easily.


  • WordPress is carried out under GPL license, so there are some certain actions like limiting access to the code for others.
  • If users add too many plugins on their WordPress site, they may get stuck when one plugin is not compatible with another.

The Pros and Cons of b2evolution

B2evolutio is an excellent open source blog software which is written in PHP and backed by the MySQL database. While best known for its multi-lingual, multi-user, and much more, b2evolution also focuses on the ease of installation and feature richness. It can easily be installed on any LAMP server with all the configurations. Besides, despite all the traditional blog tools, b2evolution also includes some other useful features like community-wide spam filters, a fully skinnable interface, fully exposed API, etc.


  • b2evolution views security as the top priority. There are only 6 security issues in its history.
  • One of the main distinguishing features of b2evolution is that it can manage several blogs under 1 installation.
  • b2eolution provides users with a HTML platform, making uploading and editing web content an easy thing.


  • The major drawback is that b2evolution only has about 200 plugins.
  • The user interface of b2evolution looks outdated. Everything seems to be close and cluttered.
  • b2evolution HTML editing tool does not support copy/pasting.
  • b2evolution does not have a powerful online community like WordPress.org, so users may feel difficult to find as many resources as they want.

WordPress VS b2evolution

After learning their pros and cons, now, you can know more differences between them in the following.

  • Content uploading – Both of them has the WYSIWYG editor. However, when concerning the content pasting and copying, b2evolution always results in some errors, which will not happen on WordPress.
  • Admin panel – The admin panel of WordPress is famous for its ease of use.
  • URLs – WordPress is more user-friendly when talking about the URLs and permalink structure. Also, it allows you to edit the permalink from the Settings section. B2evolution, however, requires the PHP knowledge to make the related modification.
  • Customization – WordPress is unbeatable when it comes to the customization. The theme options are endless and the theme editor is really easy to use.
  • Support – WordPress has a large user base. This results in the greater support community than b2evoluion.

WordPress VS b2evolution – WordPress Recommended

Based on the pros and cons of WordPress and b2evolution, WordPress is indeed more suitable for blogging. After all, it has a large user base, numerous themes & plugins, and search engine optimization, which b2evolution lacks.

Besides, WordPress has the highest level of performance. It is lightweight and loading speed optimized. That is why many news agencies and Fortune 500 choose WordPress to establish their blogs, such as CNN, Forbes, Reuters, GM, eBay, Sony, etc.

Finally, we have compared the overall features of WordPress and b2evolution, so you can check out the 2 and make a choice by yourself.

Features WordPress b2evolution
Plugins 25,000+ 200
Themes 30,000+ 800
Multi-user Yes Yes
Multi-blog Yes Yes
Mobiles Yes No
Security rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Performance rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5
Community rating 5 of 5 rating 3 of 5

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