Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Inbound Marketing for Better Promotion

Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Inbound Marketing for Better Promotion

At present, the reasons for you to set up a website might be various. For instance, you set up an online store to ramp up the benefits and get more buyers, or start a personal blog site to record your own life and thoughts. No matter what the reason is, your final goal of website creation is to be found by the online users. This is how the inbound marketing comes to work, which is a great method to have people come to your site and do something you prefer.

In the following, we have started a beginner’s guide on WordPress inbound marketing, telling you what it is, how this method works and how to leverage it to your WordPress site for the better online promotion.

The Core Knowledge of Inbound Marketing

Unlike the normal marketing methods for the websites, such as putting up the advertisements, publishing the guest or sponsored posts, exchanging the friend links and some others, the inbound marketing is about offering the great web contents to attract the potential visitors and keeping them going back to your site constantly. The main aim of it is to bring readers in, without the need to “go out” to get the attention of your prospects.

To better understand this method, you can check the below assets that are the core ideas of the inbound marketing.

  • Create the meaningful contents can attract your target readers effectively. Especially, you need to distribute something that can solve their concerns, issues and problems. Even, as the time progresses, you need to refine the contents after knowing more of their specific requirements.
  • As your visitors might forget you a few days later even if they are attracted via your inbound marketing, you need to do something to transfer them into the repeat visitors or even the promoters and the spokesman of your site.
  • The inbound marketing needs to be multi-channel, which will not be tied to a single platform. Instead, it approaches your future visitors from different places where people feel comfortable to interact with you.
  • You need to integrate the first three points altogether so as to share the right words in the right platforms at the right timing.

Frankly speaking, if you carry out the inbound marketing in a proper way, your website can be something people are looking for and what you publish can be something people want to learn about.

Inbound Marketing

How Inbound Marketing Works and How to Start for WordPress Sites

In order to start the inbound marketing properly for your WordPress sites, there are 3 main actions you have to take. Just check the details from the below parts.

Action 1 – Attract Potential Visitors

To attract your potential visitors, you firstly need to publish what they are interested in. This means when coming out a piece of content, you should keep them in mind after knowing who they might be, what they like and fear, what confuse and irritate them, are they men or women, how old are them and many more.

This simply helps you narrow down your post topics and distribute the words that will speak to your readers directly. Now, you can start blogging. Frankly speaking, WordPress achieves the easy process for this aspect.

Next, you should optimize your site for the aspect of SEO. After all, people now are more likely to search on Google to find out the troubleshooting of their issues, compare different products, check the online reviews of something. In this case, you need to improve your online ranking and use the proper keywords so as to attract people easily.

Now, to boost the SEO efforts for your WordPress site, you can leverage the SEO plugins such as the WordPress Yoast plugin. With it, you can define the keywords, SEO titles and meta descriptions easily which play a vital role on your search engine optimization.

Yoast SEO

Action 2 – Convert People Into Your Loyal Visitors

Now, you have already caught the attention of the online users, the next action is to convert them into your loyal visitors. The best way for doing so is to gather their email addresses or contact information for sending the newsletters, weekly updates or some other informative messages on a regular interval.

Here is a minor tip that as most people might be on guard when you ask for their email address, you can offer something in return. Note that the exchange must be valuable. For instance, you can hand over a short ebook for a hot topic, a case study or a white paper for a specific idea, an audio or video training and many more.

In addition, to gather the email addresses, the easiest way is to display the email signup form on a special webpage, on the sidebar or on the footer section. For this, you can use the Ninja Forms plugin. Upon the installation, you can click the Forms button that is added newly in your dashboard, and then, press the Add New button.

Here, you can choose the fields for your form from the right column. The standard email registration form should have the name field, email address field and the Send or Submit button.

Ninja Form

You can click the preview button to check the final result. If you are satisfied, you can save the settings and insert the shortcode of this form into any place you want. The shortcode can be found by clicking the All Forms button.

In addition to the form, you can also showcase some call-to-action buttons that encourage people to enter their email addresses. For this, the label of the button should be attractive, such as “Sign up for the free trial” and “Click to download the ebook”.

Action 3 – Keep People Staying and Promoting Your Site

Now, you have already got your readers in, so the next step is to keep them staying on your site and to encourage them to promote your web content within their own groups. At this situation of the inbound marketing plan, you have to constantly engage with them and provide them with some new offerings that can delight them.

In addition, you’d better create the survey on your site, asking your visitors for some reviews and feedbacks about the websites. In this case, you can make sure whether you have offered what they actually want from you, without the need to randomly guess their interests and can hit the targets precisely.

This time, you can use the Awesome Survey plugin. By hitting the button of New Survey, you can create your survey by adding your preferred elements, such as the email field, text input, check box, radio buttons and many more.

After entering all the necessary elements based on your needs, now, you can publish this survey. After that, this plugin will generate a shortcode for it automatically, so you can add this code to your post, page or sidebar for the survey form showcase.

Note that you’d better update the survey at least once a month so as to grab the latest trends easily.

Create Survey

Besides the online survey, you can also start the social monitoring or social listening. This way, you can constantly keep track of the social conversation and discussion that matter to your website, learning people’s comments and questions about your contents and contacting them with the relevant answers.