Best WordPress Hosting 2020

WordPress runs better when it is in a rich hosting environment. While the vast majority of web hosts claim that they have met the WordPress minimum requirements. However, choosing the most risk-free and worry-free Best WordPress hosting service can be a chore.

After reviewing 100+ shared hosts, we had come out with the best WordPress host from various aspects. InMotion Hosting, BlueHost and WebHostingHub are the award winners.

How we Award the Best WordPress Hosting

Our editors carry out an in-depth WordPress hosting review, ensuring all of the listed companies fully meet the following requirements:

  • One-Click WordPress Installation & Activation – Installing WordPress site manually using scripts is often a nightmare for most webmasters. 1-click installation service, however, enables customers to have their WordPress sites installed quickly. At least without glancing at a line of code or setting up a single database. That’s why all of our recommended web hosts provide one-click WordPress installation service. There are more than 10 general software which supports this service. “SimpleScripts” and “Softaculous” are basically the most convenient ones. Thereinto, BlueHost utilizes SimpleScripts, while InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub support Softaculous.
  • 100% WordPress Compatibility – In order to make the WordPress site fully functioned, these top web hosting companies are keeping pace with the latest advanced technology and optimized PHP & MySQL configuration, including Custom Cron Jobs, .htaccess configuration, MySQL databases, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Python, etc.
  • WordPress Site Performance – Performance is one of the major criteria when we rank the WordPress web hosts. All the recommended WordPress web hosting companies guarantee 99.9% server uptime and quick page loading speed that is less than 2 seconds averagely, enabling customers to run a quality and fast WordPress website.
  • Technical support – when choosing the best WordPress hosting company, one very important thing to think about is the response speed and reliability of the technical support staff. Every webmaster may encounter problems such as faulty connection, how to transfer a huge file, how to access the site via SSH etc. Fortunately, all the listed hosting companies offer groups of US-based knowledgeable support staff, providing customer service through the hotline, e-mail, and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Price – It is important for customers to think about the hosting price before signing up with any web hosting providers. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, these WordPress host providers offer budget-friendly pricing, ranging from $2.8/mo to $3.49/mo. These prices may not be the cheapest in the hosting market, but they are absolutely the most cost-effective ones after we have reviewed 100+ web hosting companies.

It is worth noting that all these companies support a money-back guarantee, allowing any unsatisfied customers to ask for either full refund or pro-rated refund. And now, let’s check more information about InMotion Hosting, BlueHost and WebHostingHub.

InMotion Hosting > Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider

Best Hosting For WordPressInMotion was found in 2001 to provide fast, reliable and cost-effective web hosting solutions for personal, small and medium businesses. This company offers 3 WordPress hosting solutions starting at $6.99/mo. It supports 90 days money back guarantee and the payment method of credit cards.

So, why is InMotion Hosting the fastest WordPress host provider? The answer is that each WordPress hosting package comes with SSD, which plays an important role in speeding up a website.

This company also has developed its unique Max Speed Zone technology that can accelerate the WordPress site loading speed up to 600% faster than other shared web hosts.

To show you how fast it is on earth, we display the server response time of this company as below, which is according to our 30-day monitoring.



BlueHost > Designed for the Websites in All Sizes

BlueHost WordPress HostingBlueHost is one of a few web hosting companies that offers the WordPress-optimized shared web hosting plan which has been accredited as the best WordPress hosting at since 2005. Its Professional WordPress hosting plan includes 1 free domain and enables you to host unlimited WordPress sites on one account. Besides, it supports almost all leading technologies including what we’ve listed as below.

  • PHP 5.3.18, MySQL 5, FastCGI, SSH, SSL
  • Unlimited disk space & bandwidth, cPanel
  • Perl 5, Custom PHP.ini, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • 24×7 technical support via phone, live chat and email

BlueHost managed WordPress hosting plan is created for you in mind, for affordability and better performance. The company devotes its effort to design four packages of diversified levels consisting of Blogger, Professional, Business and Enterprise. To make these packages affordable, BlueHost makes a price that starts at $24.99/mo on a regular basis. Moreover, the webmasters are allowed to flexibly select the billing cycles among 1/3/6/12 months.

The managed WordPress hosting plan comes with the following spotlights:

  • Enhanced cPanel capacitates webmasters the ability to easily manage their WordPress sites including domains, emails, and settings, etc.
  • Every package includes the dedicated backup storage to make sure your data is safe.
  • Dynamic upgrades enable webmasters to instantly add more RAM, CPU, and SAN storage with just a click.
  • Mojo Marketplace makes it easy to seek indispensable scripts and plugins to customize WordPress websites.
  • ManageWP empowers webmasters to migrate and administrate multiple websites as well as backups in a breeze.



WebHostingHub > Cost-Effective WordPress Hosting

WebHostingHubWebHostingHub is the most cost-effective choice for hosting a WordPress site. Especially, now this company is offering an up to 78% discount cuts the price down to $1.95/mo for the first three months.

Another highlight of WebHostingHub hosting is the 24×7 US technical support through toll-free telephone, live chat and email. With hold times that average under half a minute, you can be assured that an experienced and kindly representative from their Chicago and New Jersey office helping with your problems knows how to help.

You can easily find many very cheap WordPress hosting providers declaiming 100% compatibility with WordPress, but saving a penny may buy a bucket as this industry filling with SCAM and terrible stories. These 3 companies are absolutely far exceeding the peers in the industry.

Their WordPress hosting is different – strong reliability, much faster speed, and responsive technical support from real people.



Shared Hosting VS Managed WordPress Hosting VS VPS for WordPress

Since shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and VPS are the most popular hosting choices for WordPress, many WordPress users who are not savvy enough would hesitate at the decision. This is understandable because choosing the right hosting type will certainly help you with website management and growth.

The three types of hosting have their own highlights and demerits, and if you are confused, the details below should help.

Traditional shared hosting

This is the most widely used hosting type among WordPress users because even beginners who know nothing about WordPress can start and manage a site easily. With shared hosting, the provider handles the security patches, software installation and other technical things, while the user is only responsible for his/her own scripts and coding.

When on a shared server, you are sharing the resources with hundreds of other users. The benefit of this is that the cost is relatively low, while the downside is that the security and performance of your site would be easily affected by other users on the same server.

Shared hosting is a suitable choice if you:

  • Are a beginner who would like to start a WordPress site with the least effort and cost.
  • Own one or several small WordPress site(s) with fairly low traffic.

Managed WordPress hosting

This is a specialized hosting type specially developed for hosting WordPress. For a managed hosting platform, the provider takes care of WordPress install, update, security and speed optimization so that you can enjoy a secure and high-performance environment without doing much manual work. The largest disadvantage, however, is the high cost. You might spend over $20/mo in hosting a single website. Besides, such a hosting package does not allow hosting any other application except for WordPress.

Due to these facts, managed WordPress hosting is suitable for those who:

  • Run businesses online, which requires a high level of performance and security.
  • Want to save time or trouble in optimizing WordPress.


When using a VPS, you are still sharing the server with others, but the difference from shared hosting is that VPS users have more access to the server. You can install your own operating system, control panel, software, and more. Besides, you are not likely to be affected by the performance issue of other neighbors because each VPS is virtually segregated with advanced virtualization technologies.

As there are more resources and fewer users, you have to pay more for a VPS than a shared hosting package, of course. However, the cost is lower than managed WordPress hosting.

The difficult part of using a VPS is that you need to acquire enough technical knowledge about system administration, or you can easily encounter security or performance issues. Also, you need to know how to install and set up the software you will use.

As a conclusion, VPS is a great choice for the WordPress users who:

  • Know much about server management and are experienced in coding.
  • Want to host multiple WordPress sites on a high-performance platform without paying the expensive price of managed WordPress hosting.

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