The Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Distraction Free Writing

The Beginner’s Guide on WordPress Distraction Free Writing

No matter you are a newcomer or an experienced blogger, writing is not a simple thing. You have to do a lot of preparations and researches in advance and keep all the things and information in mind when writing down any word. In case, it can be quite frustrating and annoying when constant distractions appear.

In order to get you focused on the writing task, WordPress releases a default feature that is named as Distraction Free Writing since the version 4.1. This feature will hide everything in the editing screen that may distract your attention. However, as not all the WordPress users have realized this great feature, in the following, we’d like to share a beginner’s guide about WordPress Distraction Free Writing.

Enable WordPress Distraction Free Writing

By default, you have the full control over the Distraction Free Writing feature of WordPress. For this, you simply need to log into your WordPress dashboard and enter the writing screen of a new or an existing post.

In the top right section of the whole screen, you can find a Screen Options button. Here, you need to click it to open a variety of hidden settings, among which the distraction-free mode is just your target. Simply tick the checkbox to enable this WordPress feature.

Distraction Free Functionality

Now, you can find a special button in the toolbar used for enabling the distraction free mode. Or, you can press the keyboard shortcut of “Shift+Alt+G”. After that, the editing screen simply looks like as below. The WordPress admin menu, all your custom fields in the bottom section, all the meta boxes in the right hand and any other distractions will fade away. Only your post title, the body section and a minimal toolbar can be left.

If you want to go back to the normal writing mode, you can move your mouse around or click that button one more time.

Enable WordPress Distraction Free Writing

Personally speaking, we recommend you to try this mode in some cases. We have summarized some obvious benefits you can get by doing so.

  • Focus on editing and classify later. Without being bothered by the custom fields and meta boxes, there is no need for you to think about post classification, SEO keywords, categories and tags while editing the content.
  • Never publish the post accidentally. This distraction free writing mode will hide the Publish button, so there is no chance for you to publish your post accidentally before it is ready.
  • Focus the mental energy on editing. As the WordPress menu bar disappears, you will not suddenly jump into the comment moderation, website administration, template configuration and plugin deletion while editing.
  • No preview on the front-end. As there is no preview button available, you will not think about the image placement, paragraph layout, font, format from the front-end of your site. You just need to write.

Enhance WordPress Distraction Free Writing

After searching among some WordPress users, we have found many of them complain that the distraction free writing mode actually lacks some necessary features, controls and buttons they may use while writing their blog posts. In this case, we highly recommend the utilization of Just Writing plugin for the enhancement of this great WordPress feature.

Upon installation, you can set up this plugin from your profile page. For this, you simply need to click Users > Your Profile and scroll down to the screen bottom. Here, do not forget to enable this plugin in the very beginning by ticking the Enable checkbox.

Determine the Quick Options

Now, you need to decide the quick setting among 6 options listed as below.

  • The Minimal option ensures the real DFWM, with which you can see and get nothing but the Save and Exit buttons.
  • The WordPress Default option gives you the standard distraction free writing mode as it is released since the WordPress version 4.1.
  • The Just Writing Default option achieves a balanced toolbar for you that contains a handful of functions and works on all the browsers.
  • The Advanced option simply unlocks the DFWM but gives you more controls.
  • The Full option allows you to use all the buttons and functions in the writing screen.
  • The Custom option allows you to customize this writing mode. For this, you need to move to the Advanced Options and Advanced Buttons.

Quick Options

Decide the Advanced Options

From this part, you can decide whether to hide the preview button, word count, writing mode selector and border. Also, you can choose to disable the fade-out effect of the toolbar and to center the toolbar on the screen.

Advanced Options

Enable the Advanced Button

Unless you pick up the Minimal Quick Option, you can find a toolbar in your editing screen. Here, you can choose which functions and buttons will be listed in the toolbar so that you can use them easily.

Advanced Button

Now, you can use the writing mode supported by this plugin. For this, you simply need to click the Write button from the Posts tab to create a new article or click the Write link for a current post.

Write Link

The advanced distraction free writing mode simply looks as below.

Enhance WordPress Distraction Free Writing