How to Start a WordPress Coupon Site

How to Start a WordPress Coupon Site

Everyone likes the discounts and the price-cut. In this case, the coupon site for a specific field can win the great success easier than any other kinds of online platforms. If you are looking to set up such kind of website, you can check the following tutorial of how to start a WordPress coupon site.

In fact, the coupon site can be a win-win platform for both you and your readers.

  • For your readers – They can find the discounted or the promoted information from your website. In this case, when purchasing something, they can save the money easily.
  • For you – You can make money as well. This works like the affiliate program. Each time people use the coupon information displayed on your site, you can get the commission accordingly.

Things to Consider Before Creating the Coupon Site

At present, there are a large sum of successful, well-known, and large coupon sites available. In this case, if you want to make your site stand out from the crowd, you have to consider the following parts carefully before you start setting up the coupon platform.

  • You have to decide the coupon site categories between the options of the niche one and the multi-niche one. The former option only showcases the coupon codes for a specific field of products. And the latter one allows you to offer the discounted information for anything you like.
  • You need to figure out whether there are any competitive forces and power at play in your selected niche. Also, you should consider the future of this field.
  • After choosing the exact field, you also need to think about the WordPress hosting provider. Note that for the coupon site, the hosting reliability and the performance are really crucial.

Add the Function to Display the Coupon Information

Now, you should install the WordPress script. The web hosts we have listed in above all provide the 1-click WordPress installer. This makes the whole installation process much simple.

After that, you should add the feature that can showcase the coupon information effectively on this newly created WordPress site. Here, you can make use of the Coupon Creator plugin. Just like the name indicates, this plugin allows you to create any coupon and display on your site via the simple shortcode.

Set Up the Default Settings

As you have installed this plugin properly on your site, now, you should click the Coupons > Options button to finish some settings. Here, you should start with the Defaults part.

Coupon Creator Default Settings

Here, you firstly need to determine the expiration option. After all, not all the coupon codes are available all the times. Some of them may expire after the certain time period. In this case, you’d better choose the Expiration Date as the default expiration option. In addition, you need to decide the date format of month first or day first.

After that, you have to select the color schemes for the inside border, the deal background and the deal text.

Determine the Link Attributes and Permalinks

For this part, you need to set up the following three options for the link attribute.

Link Attributes and Permalinks

  • Print View Links – You can add the nofollow attribute to all the links that have the “Click to Open in Print” feature.
  • Disable Print View – This can disable the print view links and the popup option in the pro version.
  • Print Template – If you want, you can also add the noindex or the nofollow attribute to your print template.

As for the permalink option, you simply need to enter the slug for your coupon print template. Note that the default slug is “yourdomain_coupon”.

Enter the Coupon Categories

The effective coupon site must have the clear categorization. After all, no matter your site is the single-niche one or the multi-niche one, you need to make sure that your users can find their target information easily.

In this case, you should click the Coupon Categories button to generate all the categories you may need. When creating the new coupon code, you have to choose the group carefully.

Create the New Coupon Code

Next, you should start creating your new coupon code. For this, you need to click the Coupons > Add New button.

Firstly, you should provide the coupon content. This includes the exact deal and the details terms. Note that the deal should be as attractive as possible. It would be better to include the discount or emphasize some keywords like “Free”. And the terms should be in detail. You need to tell people when and how they can enjoy this discount.

Coupon Content

Next, you can move to the Style part. Here, you have the freedom to decide the inside border color, the deal background color and the deal text color. Note that these options are already chosen when setting up this plugin. However, you can make the modification if you have the specific requirements for some particular coupon codes.

Likewise, the Expiration option also can be changed. This is fine if some of your listed coupon codes can be available all the times while others are not. Here, if your coupon is in the latter situation, you need to choose the date this coupon code will expire.

It is possible that you want to display the banner image for your coupon. If so, you can also move to the Image Coupon section to upload an image, which acts as the entire coupon information. Note that the image height will be adjusted automatically and the maximum width is 390 pixels.

Image Coupon

Now, you can choose the exact category and publish the coupon code.

Display the Coupon Code

After publishing the coupon code, you can get the exclusive shortcode for it. Note that you can make use of this shortcode to place the coupon information in your blog posts, pages, the custom post types and even the text widget.

Coupon Shortcode

Some Other Elements You Should Ensure for Your Coupon Site

Now, you almost finish the creation of your coupon site. Moreover, you also should think about the following website elements and add them to your website.

  • You need to display the search box so that people can find their wanted coupon information easily. Especially, if your website is a multi-niche one, the search box is really important.
  • The FAQ section is highly recommended. This can deal with people’s confusion by listing the answers for their commonly asked questions.
  • You have to showcase a good contact form. This way, your users can give you prompt feedback if there is something wrong with your offered coupon information. In addition, if there are some business chances, your potential partners can reach you easily.
  • In some cases, you can also enable the membership system. This way, you can offer some exclusive deals or offers to your registered and loyal visitors only. Note that this can indirectly increase the registration rate of your site.
  • To achieve the better and easier user experience, you can also enable the social login. In this case, people can log in using their accounts of Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook. Also, you can get your hands on the demographic data easily.
  • Lastly, a well-designed website template is also important. Frankly speaking, there is no need to choose the complicated template. After all, you have to make the whole design clear and organized.