WooCommerce Review on Ease of Use, Customization & More

WooCommerce Review on Ease of Use, Customization & More

With the ever-increasing popularity and acceptability of online marketing, the demand for shopping carts has accelerated in the recent years. Several tools have been launched that facilitate the creation and development of e-commerce websites so that the owners can offer their products for sale conveniently.

WooCommerce is not only one of the best WordPress ecommerce plugins but also one of the most powerful and simplified software that facilitates online shopping through the internet network. When it comes to WooCommerce review, experts have been rating it as the leading e-commerce software.
In this WooCommerce review, we measure the effectiveness of the online store software on the basis of various imperative factors.

Ease of Use

Starting right from the installation procedure, WooCommerce is a simplified platform that can be installed easily by any developer having an idea of building websites. The installation only requires the software to be downloaded on the desktop, uploaded to the site and activate through the admin panel. Having been installed, the features such as the default “cart,” “my account” and “checkout” pages can be integrated to create a basic structure of an online store.

WooCommerce is integrated with thousands of WordPress themes with the aim to enhance the appearance of the online store and add various tools or widgets to the store. The product pages of the online store can be manually tagged, reviewed and categorized just like the WordPress posts. Hence, it is an easy-to-use platform for administrators who have a clear idea of marketing online.


woocomerce review customizationEvery developer and website owner desires to have an online store that can be customized frequently to increase its efficiency as well as appearance. Keeping this in mind, WooCommerce allows the webmasters to customize the online store as per their preferences.

Customizations can be made in the layout, color combinations, widgets and plugins by modifying them from the admin panel. The software offers a remarkable amount of customizations for free. However, a webmaster can enhance the list of customizations by installing some premium add-ons to the site.


Being an advanced component for the e-commerce sites, WooCommerce facilitates in the search engine optimization (SEO) of the online store. Having a powerful SEO build-in technique, SEO-friendly links and meta tags, the e-commerce software enhances the SEO procedure of the store effectively.

SEO optimized themes and plugins can be downloaded and installed for better performance in the search engines. The effectiveness of WooCommerce boosts up when it is integrated with the SEO-friendly WooThemes, some of which can be afforded for free whereas the rest requires a fee. Overall, the platform has a good scope for efficient SEO of an online store.


woocomerce review popularityDeveloped in the year of 2011 in South Africa, it is worth discussing in this WooCommerce review that the platform is presently known by people residing in six out of seven continents. The software is being used by more than 3.84 million websites around the world.

In fact, WooCommerce is responsible for the increasing market share for all e-commerce sites by 12.72%. Every individual having a basic knowledge of the online store at least knows about WooCommerce, and many of them are accustomed to its interface and usability. Therefore, it is one of the most popular e-commerce stores on the web.


Being a component of the most popular platform for websites, WooCommerce is compatible with tremendous numbers of plugins and add-ons available in the market. The add-ons for WooCommerce offer various features that add to the performance, appearance or productivity of the online store.

However, as dozens of add-ons offer similar features, it is recommendable that webmasters should execute a brief research before installing a plugin. Some of the most popular add-ons for WooCommerce are Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Instagram, Flat Rate Box Shipping, Product Add-Ons and WooCommerce Pre-Orders.


woocomerce review securityAs it is an advanced shopping cart, security is not a major issue with the platform. The features provided by the e-commerce software are quite secured, and privacy is maintained. However, if a user wants enhanced protection of his online store, he can use premium security plugins that can be installed and customized within minutes. Hence, the products, money and other factors are completely secured in WooCommerce sites.


When it comes to the frequency of pros and cons of WooCommerce, the advantages weigh above than the limitations. The e-commerce software can be downloaded for free and installed to the site conveniently. It provides a flexible platform for installation of third party plugins and add-ons, increasing the effectiveness of the online store. Overall, it is a recommendable cart for the development of an e-commerce website in the modern era.

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