WiredTree Review on Managed VPS Hosting

WiredTree Review on Managed VPS Hosting

Founded since June 2006, WiredTree focuses on VPS hosting service. Is this service worth trying? Here, we have made a WiredTree review concerning about its managed VPS hosting to help our readers have a comprehensive understanding about this company.

In order to come out an in-depth and comprehensive result, we have tested the service personally for its price, features, reliability, page loading speed and technical support.

Overall Rating

WiredTree devotes itself in providing customers with a superior managed VPS hosting experience for a long period of time. There are multiple packages available for customers to choose based on their own needs and preferences, along with a lot of advanced technologies and top-notch service. According to BBB (Better Business Bureau), the VPS service of this company has been rated at an A level.

According to the customer reviews collected from its real clients all over the world, we have done an overall rating chart presented in the following. To be honest, the customer satisfaction rate is not bad, but is also not excellent.


Frankly speaking, the VPS hosting offered by WiredTree is not affordable for the majority of webmasters on the web. There are 2 main plan types available – Pure SSD VPS and SSD-Accelerated VPS, each of which has its own sub-categories with difference price settings.

  • Pure SSD VPS – This package has 3 sub-options that are named as SSD2000, SSD3000, and SSD4000. To purchase them, customers need to pay $55/mo, $70/mo, and $85/mo respectively.
  • SSD-Accelerated VPS – There are also 3 plans for this type. Customers can go with them by spending $49/mo, $69/mo, and $89/mo for the VPS1500, VPS2000, and VPS2500 respectively.

If customers want to cancel the account, they need to submit the cancellations at least 7 days but less than 30 days before the end of the billing cycle.

Price Pure SSD VPS SSD-Accelerated VPS
Monthly $55/mo $49/mo
Quarterly $53.63/mo $47.77/mo
Annually $49.5/mo $44.1/mo


This VPS provider has included a lot of competitive features into the hosting packages, along with all the latest advanced technologies.

  • Pure SSD VPS – It offers guaranteed RAM from 2048 MB to 4096 MB, enough monthly bandwidth from 4000 GB to 6000 GB, large pure SSD space from 40 GB to 80 GB, as well as Intel Dual Xeon CPUs (12+ Cores) and cPanel / WHM control panel, etc.
  • SSD-Accelerated VPS – This package offers 1536 MB to 2560 MB of RAM, 4000 GB to 6000 GB of bandwidth, 100 GB to 150 GB of SSD-accelerated disk space, Intel Dual Xeon CPUs (8+ Cores), fully managed CentOS Linux 6 x64, Softaculous, RVSkin, WHMCS, cPanel and WHM control panel,etc.
Features Pure SSD VPS SSD-Accelerated VPS
Disk Space 40 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 4000 GB 4000 GB
Intel Dual Xeon CPUs 12+ Cores 8+ Cores
Guaranteed RAM 2048 MB 1536 MB
Free Domain no no
cPanel/WHM Yes Yes
Idera (R1Soft) Backups Yes Yes
Softaculous Yes Yes
RVSkin/WHMCS Yes Yes

Hosting Performance

wiredtrss datacenterAs the quality and web servers and server spaces have a huge impact on the performance of VPS hosting service, WiredTree only utilizes robust and scalable products to guarantee a high level of reliability and fast page loading speed.

  • Servers – All the servers used by this company is high-quality and industry-standard that can ensure peak performance for the hosted websites with the top-notch specifications.
  • Data Centers – The robust servers of WiredTree is located at the newly renovated 427 LaSalle data center facility coming with 2N diesel generators, 1800 ton N+1 chilling Plant, automatic climate monitoring, biometric scanners, and 24×7 CCTV monitoring. All of these are used to ensure proper server working.
  • Network – The WiredTree network has been built from the ground up to ensure the maximum reliability with the help of Level 3, Global Crossing, NTT Communications, Savvis, Cisco, Juniper and many more.

As monitored in the real world, WiredTree succeeds in guaranteeing at least 99% uptime and a swift hosting speed that is less than 1 second on average.

Technical Support

This hosting company claims to provide customers with the most responsive technical support all the times. Whenever customers encounter any problems, they can get the most professional assistance by contacting a group of experienced support staffs via toll-free phone call, e-mail and help desk.

The only drawback of WiredTree support service is that there is no live chat support available. This is very inconvenient for people who meet some emergencies but cannot communicate with English speakers fluently on the phone.

Support Pure SSD VPS SSD-Accelerated VPS
Phone Yes Yes
E-mail Yes Yes
Help Dest Yes Yes
Live Chat no no


Without doubt, this is a reliable VPS hosting provider that can ensure a reliable, fast, and secure website running environment. In terms of cost-effectiveness and customer service, however, WiredTree fails to do a good job.

In the following, we’d like to introduce some alternatives that offer an affordable VPS hosting service with rich features, excellent performance, and unmatched support service. Note that these recommendations are handpicked by our experienced editors among more than 100 companies in the market, which is definitely trustworthy.