WiredTree Coupon & Discount – Secret Revealed

WiredTree Coupon & Discount – Secret Revealed

Established in 2006, WiredTree has been specializing in setting a new standard for managed dedicated and VPS hosting services. Since there are lots of people in search of its coupon codes and discount, we write this piece of article to introduce some detailed coupons with which money can be saved.

In the following, we have summarized 3 coupons for WiredTree services, including Managed VPS, Managed Hybrid and Managed Servers. Please refer to the following list for specific information.

  • ssdboost: 10% off SSD-Accelerated VPS, one package of the Managed VPS.
  • ssdboost: 10% off SSD-Accelerated Hybrid Servers, one package of Fully Managed Hybrid Server Hosting.
  • movetowt: 50% off the first 2 months of VPS hosting services.
  • 2xmyssd1: free for getting double the default Intel SSD space on dedicated servers.

ssdboost > 10% Off SSD-Accelerated VPS

ssd-acceleratedFor managed VPS hosting, this company develops 2 packages, including Pure SSD VPS and SSD-Accelerated VPS. Besides, the latter comes with plans of 3 different levels that are called as VPS1500, VPS2000 and VPS2500. Respectively, their prices are $49/mo, $69/mo and $89/mo.

Now with coupon code ssdboost applied, people are entitled to get a 10% discount with which the prices can be down to $44.1/mo, $62.1/mo and $89.1/mo. Furthermore, these 3 plans are available for payment periods including 1/3/6/12 subscriptions and supports payments via both PayPal and credit cards.

ssdboost > 10% Off SSD-Accelerated Hybrid Servers

WiredTree comes with 2 packages for fully managed hybrid server hosting including Pure SSD hybrid Servers and SSD-Accelerated Hybrid Servers. Now the company is offering a 10% discount for the latter. Its regular price is $99/mo. Now using the coupon code ssdboost, webmasters are capable of purchasing the services with $89.1/mo.

Moreover, the company also offers discounts for customers who choose to prepay for their services. The specific discount is 2.5% off for a 6 months subscription while that of 12 months is 5% off.

movetowt > 50% Off the First 2 Months of VPS Packages

WiredTree managed VPS hosting includes Pure SSD VPS and SSD-Accelerated VPS. The price of Pure SSD VPS is starting at $55/mo whereas the price of SSD-Accelerated is starting at $49/mo. Now using the coupon code movetowt, all customers are offered with a 50% off discount for the first 2 months of subscriptions.

2xmyssd1 > Double the Default Intel SSD Space on Dedicated Servers

dedicated serversFor dedicated servers, WiredTree offers 2 packages that are named as SINGLE CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5 and DUAL CPU Intel Xeon E5. The single one features CPU of cores ranging from 4 to 8 with 64 GB RAM maximum. As for the DUAL one, it comes with dual CPU of core from 8 to 16 with 128 RAM maximum.

Now applying the coupon code 2xmyssd1, customers are able to get double the default Intel SSD space on dedicated servers.

Does These Coupon Codes Really Count?

For these coupon codes are available with an expiration time, please check their validity before using. Although WiredTree offers considerable discounts, the renewal prices are not very affordable. In addition, it doesn’t provide any money back guarantee, which is not very reasonable in the field, especially compared to some top-notch providers who offer at least 30 days money back guarantee.

Conclusion – Not Recommended

Considering the high renewal price and no money back guarantee, we think the coupon codes provided by WiredTree are not very appealing. After we have personally experienced hosting services offered by hundreds of companies, we have come out the following table of recommended companies. These providers are worth trying because of their affordable prices, awesome features and prompt technical support.