Why You Should Optimize eCommerce Website for Mobile Devices & How Can You Do That

Why You Should Optimize eCommerce Website for Mobile Devices & How Can You Do That

Recent research shows that mobile devices have become an indispensable part for successful ecommerce. Besides, an increasing number of webmasters have interests in mobile-friendly service and want to add this profitable service to their online business. However, many of them possibly are not familiar with the importance for optimizing ecommerce websites for mobile device and the ways to do that.

With the purpose of working out a comprehensive article covering the importance of mobile ecommerce and the tips for applying it, we have done a thorough market research and learned many real users’ advices. Move on the following details, you may find something helpful and conductive.

Why You Should Optimize eCommerce Website for Mobile Devices?

Mobile users are around the world
In the modern society, mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are necessities for most people. Since the phone is portable and easy to reach, many people prefer to carry it all the time. Therefore, people are willing to spend a lot of time to visit online stores or read news with mobile devices wherever they are.

According to our research, over 86% people usually purchase products using mobile devices in their spare time. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is a preferable to reach a vast market filled with numerous potential consumers.

Better engagement
optimize ecommerce website for mobile devices better engagementIt is a trend that a mounting online business owners to create mobile versions of stores which give customer fantastic purchasing experience. To be specific, purchasing goods with mobile devices, to some extent, is more convenient than shopping products with desktops because customers can complete the whole purchase process whenever and wherever they are.

Since people are used to carrying phones or tablets with them all the time, it is easy for you to keep in touch with customers and make your real-time information of your store be noticed by them. Specifically, you are able to send messages of any promotion activities to them, or even let them see the advertisements of your store when they surf the internet with mobile devices. Therefore, you can not only increase conversion rates but also promote sales.

Tips for Having an eCommerce Website with Mobile Optimization

Adapt a responsive web design
It is crucial for you to have a responsive web design to create a mobile-friendly online store. In detailed, the page of a mobile version should be clean and simple. Since mobile site only allows visitor to see limited site content at one time, the content should be as clear as possible to display. In particular, you should select the most important content elements to display and the unimportant elements to hide.

There are plenty of premium mobile themes or templates available for you to highlight the features for your mobile version store. Particularly, most of these themes are 100% customizable for you to design your mobile site with unlimited background colors, some built-in image icons and fontawesome icons.

Take advantage of helpful features and add-ons
optimize ecommerce website for mobile devices take advantage of helpful feature and add-onsAs a well-known ecommerce platform, WordPress, besides offering many mobile themes, provides lots of plugins which make your site mobile friendly. Most of the free plugins released by WordPress are helpful for you to adapt your site for mobile need.

In specific, it is sensible for you to choose a proper plugin to create a multilingual mobile site where the content is formatted automatically and images are resized for mobile devices. Do pay attention to choose a plugin which supports smartphones, small-screen devices and tablets.

If you have been utilizing an open source ecommerce solution like PrestaShop, do not forget to fully apply its useful feature – mobile commerce which allows shoppers to purchase your goods with phone in anywhere. Particularly, you are able to reach mobile users when they browse popular social platforms like Facebook. A necessary step is to customize your mobile commerce site based on the options the solution gives.

Create a mobile app
optimize ecommerce website for mobile devices create a mobile appIt is reasonable for you to create a mobile-oriented app to better reach consumers. To be specific, you can spend some money to pay for a mobile app developer to design an app with full customizability.

After owning a mobile app, you need to design an app with your own personality and feature. Specifically, choose a stunning app skin and familiarize all the options it includes. It is an indispensable process for you to test the performance of the app before using it for your mobile commerce.