Why & How to Get Rid of Keyword Stuffing

Why & How to Get Rid of Keyword Stuffing

Users who want to improve SEO rankings can benefit from this article which will explain the reasons and give some tips to get rid of keyword stuffing.

With search engine optimization (SEO) being an essential part of every website, there are tremendous numbers of tactics that are practiced by the website owners or administrators to improve website ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

As there are many tactics for SEO, some methods are legally allowed by the search engines whereas a few are considered as improper tactics. When it comes to keyword stuffing, search engines do not recommend the webmasters to practice this technique because of the poor netiquette factor.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Admittedly, keyword stuffing is one of the SEO techniques to market a website. Through the insertion of keywords in web content, meta tags, and backlink anchor text, website owners have the intention to obtain an unfair rank advantage in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

However, this SEO technique does not keep up with the change that search engines add no value to rankings for webpages which use keyword stuffing. Find the detailed reasons from the following words.

Reasons to Get Rid of Keyword Stuffing

The foremost reason to get rid of stuffing the keywords from being practiced lies in the definition of this unauthorized SEO technique. Keyword stuffing is the unethical SEO technique, which allows webpages to be flooded with the keyword so that the search engines can read the page as relevant in a web search.

The biggest danger of practicing stuffing of keywords is that the website can be penalized in different ways if a search engine detects it. The website practicing the unethical SEO technique can get temporarily as well as permanently banned from the search engines, causing intense harm to the website.

Reasons to Get Rid of Keyword StuffingApart from it, the website owner or administrator can be penalized with a specific amount of fine for practicing the optimization technique not permitted as per the SEO guidelines.

Although the banning of the website from search engines is done in an extreme level of stuffing, the basic punishment is the degradation of the website ranking. This means that the website that has gained a top-ranked position in the SERP can be listed in the last page of the results. Therefore, the websites that have gained a remarkable position in the SERP by this unethical technique must stop practicing it in order to avoid its consequences.

Tips to Prevent Keyword Stuffing

There are several factors that can be taken into consideration in order to prevent keyword stuffing. These methods, when implemented properly, not only prevent the risk of website’s penalization but also make way for healthy SEO. Discussed here are some of the most effective tricks to prevent stuffing of keywords.

Maintain Proper Keyword Density

The stuffing of keyword is considered as an unethical practice, so website can avoid the need of its keyword usage. But to keep up with the latest SEO guidelines, it is recommendable that the content presented in every webpage must have a specific frequency of keywords.

Maintain Proper Keyword DensityThe keyword density should be maintained between 2-4% of the total words presented in the content. This means that if an article is of 500 words, the keyword should be used for no more than ten times. It should be kept in mind that using a keyword too many times not only harms its reputation or ranking but also degrades the quality of the content. Therefore, content presented on every website or blog should have a proper keyword density.

Implement Synonyms

As the latest SEO guidelines highlight the fact that content should be completed related to the subject and keyword, following a restrictive way of using keywords makes it difficult for a writer to reflect a proper meaning. Therefore, the best solution is to implement synonyms of the keywords. In this way, the quality can be maintained without sacrificing the security of a website.

Use the Keyword Tactfully

Stuffing of keywords can be entirely prevented by using the keyword intelligently. Every paragraph or section of the content can have the presence of a properly inserted keyword. In other words, the keyword should be scattered all over the content so that the stuffing can be avoided as well as the desired improvement in search engine rankings can be achieved.

Wrap Up

Keyword stuffing cannot bring any benefits to your website. And that you are caught by search engines will result in the penalization from them. So it is important for you to learn how to use keywords without the violation of the rules.

According to our experience, the keyword density should be controlled within a certain percent. Yoast SEO is a great plugin which will give you some advice for keyword density.