Why Blogging is Important for Business

Why Blogging is Important for Business

We have witnessed the importance of blogging in this digital world over the past years, especially for business. Blog, the revolution for the instant sharing of one’s mind, is initially used for people to record their daily activities, express their thoughts and opinions, or vent their negative feelings. At present, however, almost every businessman, from the Fortune 500 to small local online stores, is utilizing blog to increase their digital visibility, and hence generate revenue and business growth.

In fact, the best method to expand your online reach is setting up a blog with a reliable web host like BlueHost. In this article, our editors have listed the top benefits that blog can bring for business.

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Drive More Traffic to Your Official or E-Commerce Websites

Active blogging activity leads more organic search traffic back to your website, thus leads more opportunities to increase the number of your potential customers. This is because when blog visitors find something useful like their preferred products and beneficial promotions in your blog, they’ll likely to check out your website to know more about you and your company.

As estimated, companies who hold blogs get 55% more website visitors and 97% more inbound links than those who don’t have blogs.

Increase the Chances for Hiring Good Employees

Blogging is an effective way to express culture, policies, recruiting process, and products of your company, and you can also tell people the staff welfare offered by your company, such as the comfortable working environment, flexible working time, satisfied salary, and insurance guarantee. Thus, your blog can attract some professional and hardworking employees to work for you. Remember that loyal staffs are the ultimate assets of your business.

Keep Regular Communication with Existing Staffs

Blogging is not only meant for your potential excellent employees, but also an effective method to engage and maintain your current staffs. Whether you host your blog on the official website or on your password protected intranet, the employees can keep pace with the growth and changes of your company by reading the latest news posted on the blog every day, without waiting for the weekly or monthly updated newsletter.

Improve Your Rankings of SERP

One of the primary principles of Google’s search algorithm is the relevancy of your content to the request of searchers, meaning that the more keyword rich blog post you have on your website, the more likely you can be ranked highly on the searching result pages, thus gain more online visibility. Though blog, you can easily incorporate the keywords or related expression that your company might be found with. This can help Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to recognize your website as more relevant in your niche than other related websites, and naturally raise your ranking in top search engines.

Develop a Tight Customer Relationship

Blogging offers perfect opportunities to maintain the already existing customer base. This is because blog has a comment functionality, which allows customers to raise questions about the products you are writing about, and allows you to respond to them on a personal level. In fact, blogging offers customers the ability to directly communicate with you and send the feedback, which makes them feel valued; and offer you the chances to show them that you care about their needs, interests, and satisfactions.

Build Trust for Potential Clients

In most cases, it is difficult to attract potential clients as people are becoming more and more skeptical nowadays, especially for online dealing. But a blog with truthful information and real customers’ feedback can build a powerful source of assurance. Note that the more you can show that you are the reliable seller in your industry, the more likely your first time clients will trust you and make purchase with you. So how to build trust? Below are some tips:

  • Real portrait of the website owner with high resolution
  • Meaningful content with real source of information, and no spelling or grammar errors
  • Attractive and neat design
  • Professional logo and domain name
  • Detailed description of the products or services with high quality images
  • Presence of customer feedbacks, whether positive or negative
  • Be patient and perseverance as you cannot build a strong trust in a short period of time

Improve Your Brand at Low Cost

A well written and managed blog can position your company as the leader of your niche. You can post the concrete evidence of your knowledge in this field, share experiences of your work, and present the beautiful future of your company. If people are impressed by your stories, their confidence in you as the business leader increases.

Besides, blogging is proven to be the cheapest marketing strategy. You only need to purchase a right blogging hosting company and write the content yourself, then the cost will no more than $5/mo.


Blog is a simple, easy-to-setup, and easy-to-manage publishing tool, which can be updated on the most frequent basis. But just due to its simplicity, many people have doubted about the huge impact of blogging on boosting their business. In fact, through blog, businessmen can easily and unceasingly communicate with their customers and put new information about their products and discounts.