What Is WhatsAPP & How to Add a WhatsAPP Share Button to WordPress?

What Is WhatsAPP & How to Add a WhatsAPP Share Button to WordPress?

WhatsAPP is a cross-platform messaging app that has become tremendously popular in recent years. Facebook acquired this mobile chatting app for $19 billion dollars in February 2014, and it currently has 600+ million users globally.

Having answered the question about “what is WhatsAPP”, this guide will explain how this social application works and how to integrate it with your WordPress site to maximize social shares. The selected plugins don’t require coding skills but offer many options to set up a fully-customized sharing button.

How WhatsAPP Works & Why Use It?

With WhatsAPP, you can exchange message without paying for SMS. Apart from text messaging, this application lets you share images, audio messages, videos and the current location with other users in this network. Your WhatsAPP sharing will be private, and below are some benefits of adding such a sharing button:

What Is WhatsAPP

  • Capturing Mobile Traffic. A good way to promote online business is by adding social bar, but most social networks including Facebook and Twitter usually redirect users to a page that doesn’t open due to slow Internet connection. The WhatsAPP sharing button shares the blog post link to readers’ contacts and groups, which brings instant traffic.
  • Much Simper and Easier. It’s pretty easy to share blog posts on WhatsAPP, and users don’t have to login or authenticate any social accounts. Sharing goes super-easy as the contact list is synchronized automatically.
  • Google Analytics Tracking. If you want to track clicks from WhatAPP within Google Analytics, then below are some plugins for reference.

How to Add WhatsAPP Button to WordPress?

Three plugins can be used to add WhatsAPP button, and you shall install and activate them before making any customizations. To do that, log onto the WordPress dashboard and make a search via “Plugins” > “Add New”. Do check the plugin developer and other details before installing a plugin and follow the prompts to finish activating it. Note that, the recommended plugins include:

  1. WhatsAPP Share Button. * Plugin URL: (https://wordpress.org/plugins/whatsapp/)
  2. AddToAny Share Buttons. * Plugin URL: ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-to-any/)
  3. Mobile ShareBar. * Plugin URL: ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/mobile-sharebar/)

Option 1 – Using WhatsAPP Share Button Plugin

It lets you add a WhatsAPP sharing button before/after any (custom) post or page from both Android and iOS devices. The [whatsapp] shortcode is used to customize titles and links, and you can insert it anywhere if possible. Once initiated the newest 3.1 version, go and look its settings page via “Settings” > “WhatsAPP Share Button”.

About WhatsAPP Share Button

#1: Automatically Display Your WhatsAPP Button
You can automatically add the WhatsAPP button by checking the boxes next to “Singular Posts” and “Pages”. This button can be placed below or above the content. To track the links, you shall check another box to add UTM data to site’s shared URL. This will let Google Analytics track all the URLs. Hit “Save Changes” once completed.

Customize WhatsAPP Share Button

When clicking the button, visitors will be redirected to WhatsAPP page, with post’s URL and title in the text field. They only need to tap “Share” button to share something with a friend or a group. But this sharing button only appears when the screen size is less than 1024 pixels, and you can resize the browser’s window to check it later.

#2: Manually Show the Sharing Button
The plugin also comes with the [whatsapp] shortcode that lets you manually add this button somewhere in posts/pages. It’s possible to insert the button into template file using PHP. Details are shown as follows:

Customize WhatsAPP Share Button Manually

The [whatsapp] shortcode usually uses the URL of the currently-displayed post/page, but you can add a preferred URL via a shortcode like below:

[whatsapp title=”HowsHosting” url=” https://howshost.com/”]

Option 2 – Using AddToAny Share Buttons Plugin

This plugin helps readers share your posts and pages to 100+ media apps & sites, including WhatsAPP, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Reddit. Once chosen the standalone buttons, define the “Icon Size” before moving.

Choose Standalone Buttons

Other options let you re-configure the button placement, set menu options, add sharing header and universal button. The “Floating” section is where to add a floating social sharing bar with many customization capabilities. Do check “Save” button before checking it from your iOS or Android smartphones.

Customize Floating Section

Option 3 – Using Mobile ShareBar Plugin

This is one of the first plugins to add a WhatsAPP button, right up there with the same preeminence of Twitter and Facebook. There is an option to select specific post types on the configuration page, such as “Front Page”, “Pages”, “Posts”, “Categories”, “Archives”, “Tags” and “Custom Post Types”. Facebook and Twitter buttons can be removed from your sharing bar.

Mobile Sharebar Settings Page

Adding bit.ly credentials will shorten your URLs, and the button can be set to appear at the top or bottom of the webpage. From the “Troubleshooting and Other Stuff” section, just check the options saying “Display Mobile ShareBar Automatically” and “Show on Every Mobile Device”. Note that, only iOS devices are allowed, and the share bar is sticky when you scroll down the page.

* Here is an example of how it will look like:

Example WhatsAPP Sharebar Button