What is Fake Traffic and How to Get Rid of It

What is Fake Traffic and How to Get Rid of It

It is a priority of all the bloggers online to have high traffic for their sites and ensure that they are ranked highly by all the main search engines. After all, without traffic from the web, this site is as good as missing out in the forest.

However, not all traffic is good. The birth of the fake traffic generators makes bloggers cautious in the kind of traffic they get. Fake traffic may be sent to your site without your knowledge, or you may buy it yourself to create an impression that you are popular online and have many followers.

Now, the question might be as what is fake traffic? Is it good or not? How to get rid of it if hurts your site? In the following, we have answered these questions with a clear presentation.

What is Fake Traffic?

Fake TrafficThis is just a replica claiming to help you increase traffic to your site. The traffic you create is not real and is just seen on your site to create the impression that you have followers as earlier mentioned. There are no real people on your site but rather software or artificial intelligence. The fake traffic does not convert to real popularity as it is just an impression that can be cleared after some time. The traffic is thus useless to your site.

Some people buy fake traffic online to make the online advertising companies think they have a huge traffic and advertise with them. They may also want to show that they generate a lot of traffic and can help other generate such an amount of traffic at a fee. However, people should note the effect of the situation that you are caught by search engines.

There are also cases where fake traffic is directed to your site by your competitors. The competitors want you to face the effects of fake traffic and harm you blog/site and your reputation. It is not easy to know who sent you the fake traffic and thus controlled them is not easy.

They may send fake traffic for reasons including controlling your ranking, harming your site stats, exceeding your site’s hosting bandwidth to disable it, having your Google AdSense account suspended and generally hurting your online reputation.

Those are just but some of the reasons people send you fake traffic. You should be careful when your blog stats start rising unexpectedly as you may be receiving fake traffic that can end up harming your site.

The Effects of Fake Traffic

decreased web trafficOnce fake traffic has been directed to your site, or you have personally decided to buy it, you need to notice huge changes on your site. The most devastating effect on your site is when you are caught by Google or any other search engine. The search engine may block your index and also Google suspends your AdSense account. The bounce rate for your site may increase up to 90% or more, and this means the number of real visitors reduces dramatically.

You should also note that the traffic can be directed to your most viewed pages. These pages will lose real traffic, and you have to start from zero to get real visitors. The Alexa rank of your site will continue going high instead of improving, and you have all your starts spoiled.

Causes of Fake Traffic

Causes of Fake TrafficAs earlier mentioned, fake traffic can be bought and can also be maliciously directed to your site by your competitors. When your competitors direct fake traffic to your site, it means that your site have a high number of followers whom they think should be on their sites. Your site may also have mentioned something that hurt someone, and they thus want to bring you down. A good example that a review site may have reviewed a product or a company that is biased or brings the negative side of the company to light.

How to Get Rid of Fake Traffic

All the fake traffic that is directed to your site maliciously originates from different IP addresses. However, all the fake traffic share one thing – they use Internet Explorer as a browser or use the same footprint. Having known this, it is easy to stop the fake traffic from getting to your site by either redirecting all Internet Explorer visits or blocking them completely.

You can also watch your Google Analytics during the time when you have experienced fake traffic to your site. This way, you can see the source of the fake traffic and can thus block it. You should ensure that you view your stats every often to ensure that you detect fake traffic as soon as it is directed to you.

WordPress Fake Traffic Blaster Plugin

The plugin is great and rids you of unnecessary manual monitoring of fake traffic from your competitors. The plugin redirects unreliable visitors away from your blog to keep it void of fake traffic. Besides, the utilization of this plugin is free of coding stuff. You simply need to configure it by enabling the function and entering the redirected URL to get started.

Fake Traffic Blaster Plugin

Once you have installed the plugin, you do not have anything to worry about as it keeps of fake traffic. However, if you resolve to use other methods, keep a close check on your site to ensure that no fake traffic comes to your site by any means.

If you are a new blogger online, look for different methods of upping the traffic to your site and stay away from fake traffic as it ruins you in the long run. You can build your content slowly by slowly and be at the level you dread within a short time. Once you get fake traffic to your site from competitors, ensure that you get rid of it as soon as possible before its harm escalates.