What Is DuckDuckGo Search Engine & How to Add It to WordPress?

What Is DuckDuckGo Search Engine & How to Add It to WordPress?

DuckDuckGo, also known as DDG, is a type of Internet search engine that especially emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy. Besides, it offers innovative search solutions and is an easy alternative to some search engines that only show the results based on the date rather than relevancy.

In this guide, we will not only explain the advantages of DGG in detail, but also teach you how to add it to WordPress step by step. The whole process is pretty simple and can be done via two quick ways as below.

Top Reasons Why You Use DuckDuckGo

As one of the outstanding search engines, DuckDuckGo has approximately 400,000 users thus far, with over 2 million queries per month. It includes plenty of cool features that compel you to say goodbye to other world-leading engines forever, including:

  1. Privacy. What makes DDG unique is that it always protects your privacy each time when doing a search. In another word, this web engine won’t reflect each of your search queries or any information that you don’t want to get tracked. To configure the privacy settings, just hit the options button and go to “Privacy”.

    DuckDuckGo Privacy Settings

    As above, you can further customize “Video Playback” settings and switch on/off “HTTPs”, “Redirect” and “Get Requests”.

  2. Customizable theme & appearance. In general, there are so far six themes to select, including “Default”, “Basic”, “Contrast”, “Dark”, “Retro” and “Terminal”. Below is how “Terminal” looks like:
  3. DuckDuckGo Different Themes

    Meanwhile, you can specify the page width, font size, center alignment, background color via “Appearance” > “Page Appearance”. More options related to “Header Appearance” and “Results Appearance” are also available on the same page.

    DuckDuckGo Appearance Settings

  4. Zero-Click & localized search results. Whenever a research is made through DuckDuckGo, only consolidated and summarized answers will be provided to you. This handy feature can give you the quick meaning of something, without clicking in to retrieving the information.
  5. DuckDuckGo Region Settings

    Also, you can customize the search results to be region specific via “General” > “Region”. Just make a choice from the drop-down list to narrow down the search results. If needed, the “Language” of the entire site can be set to whatever you like.

Note: Aside from that, there are more features to be expected from DuckDuckGo, such as,

  • Search results are sorted into visually-attractive categories.
  • One single page to display all the information.
  • Saving browser settings over the cloud.
  • Free with advertisements and spam.
  • Fantastic keyword shortcuts.

How to Add DGG to a WordPress Site?

In general, there are two methods to add a DGG search form to WordPress, and let’s go into the manual method firstly.

Option 1 – Using DGG IFrame Code

Although this requires a bit of configuration code, DGG has generated the necessary code on the website. Following are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Before adding DGG to WordPress, you should firstly adjust the settings from this page.

Fill in DGG Fields

Step 2: Upon entering, fill out the fields right under the DuckDuckGo search form. The iframe code will change along with your filled-in variables, and visitors will be taken to DGG’s website once clicking on your results. To further modify the results page, just click the “URL Parameters” link on that page.

Put DGG Code in Post

Step 3: The final step is to copy and paste that iframe code to the “Text” widget of WordPress. Alternatively, you can embed the code into the post body as above.

Option 2 – Using a Plugin

DuckDuckGo Search is among the most popular plugins for DDG search engine, which helps to insert a DuckDuckGo search box to WordPress sidebar or footer area. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge and is compatible up to WordPress 4.2.4v. Below is the plugin URL, and you can find more installation instructions within this guide.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duckduckgo-search-widget/installation/

About DuckDuckGo Plugin

Having activated this plugin via the WordPress backend, go directly to “Appearance” > “Widgets”. Then, hold and drag this “DuckDuckGo Search” widget to your preferred widget area. In this example, we put it to the “Footer Widget” Area, and here is a screenshot of how it looks like on the frontend:

DuckDuckGo Box in WordPress