WestHost Coupon Codes & Discount

WestHost Coupon Codes & Discount

Simply speaking, there are currently four coupon codes for WestHost hosting products, including shared, dedicated, cloud and reseller hosting. The 50FURTHER coupon for web hosting plans is publicly offered via the company’s homepage. With it, you can save 50% off the regular price.

For the following three promo codes, we’ve tested them to make sure they are working.

  • JUN10AC45 – a one-time 10% discount on WestHost cloud hosting. This gets at least $60 off your first year.
  • EC9RDT11 – a one-time 20% discount on WestHost dedicated, cloud and reseller hosting. If you buy the most expensive plan of dedicated hosting, this saves up to $344 at a time.
  • EC5SAR11 – saves 20% off any cloud, dedicated and reseller hosting plans. It applies to 1/3/12-month billing cycle.

Do not believe the pop-up CHECKOUT10 coupon code on the “Cloud Hosting” and “Reseller Hosting” pages. This is not valid for any plans out there and turns out to be an unresolved bug of WestHost.

Checkout Coupon

How to Apply WestHost Coupon Codes?

Step 1: Choose a hosting plan you want to purchase from the menu on the front page. Below are the cloud hosting plans of WestHost.

WestHost Cloud Hosting Plans

Step2: Click the above “Buy Now” button and then scroll down to the bottom of this order form. Open the coupon box by clicking this “Have a Coupon?” link.

Open Coupon Box

Step 3: Having copied a promo code, double-click it to check the availability. As shown, the discount coupon is applied successfully.

Apply Discount Coupon