Weebly VS WordPress – Which Is the Better All-in-one Site Building and Management Solution?

Weebly VS WordPress – Which Is the Better All-in-one Site Building and Management Solution?

This post majorly focuses comparing two website builders, that is, Weebly and WordPress. If WordPress is the technology of the future, then Weebly is the website builder of the present. Before going to the detailed discussion of which one is better, we’d like to firstly clear the basic difference between them. While Weebly is used for quickly forming pages using a simple drag and drop interface, WordPress is a template based blogging tool incorporating features to create web pages.

Now to help you out of the dilemma as to which one is better, below is a detailed article involving the Weebly vs WordPress comparison.

Ease of Use – Weebly

When talking about the ease of use, then Weebly is the one. Weebly makes it easy for people with absolutely zero experience in web designing or HTML to create a website. By simply dragging the elements and dropping them on the page, you can create a site in just minutes. For all the new website builders having little experience with desktop publishing, Weebly is a simple program to learn. You can save yourself from taking up the steep learning curves. Ease of use can be a strong force for many small businesses to get started with Weebly, especially if they cannot afford to employ a professional designer.

WordPress is also very easy to operate, but you do not have a drag and drop option as what you can get while working with Weebly. However, there is always an easier way out with the numerous plugins provided for WordPress users with many shortcodes making it easier too.

Proprietary Business Model – WordPress

design and functionalityIf you are looking forward to a site that can last longer, say beyond two years, then you are required to have software that has the potential of adapting to your business requirements. WordPress has a solid business model. Since it is constructed on a community of contributors, it can persist to progress and grow.

Weebly has a business model that is lesser known. Although it makes continuous enhancement and adds new features and options every year, it is at a rate slower than WordPress. Its pricing structure, which is in the present time reasonable and affordable, could change in the near future.

Cost – WordPress

The pricing of Weebly varies from free website on a sub-domain to $25 per month for complete e- commerce solution. Hosting prices for WordPress also varies, but for getting started, there is a shared solution that is around $7 a month on average online. In this case, WordPress is more worth going for budget-conscious webmasters.

Design and Functionality – WordPress

A good site builder and management tool not just includes cheap cost and ease of use, but also offers the utmost convenience for site design. WordPress has numerous offerings to create an advanced and attractive website, but on the other hand, Weebly has some limitations for a superior website.

WordPress has many designing and customizing options. By downloading quality themes, building an eye-catching site is extremely easy. Besides, the functionality of WordPress can be extended using free plugins. There are even many new features that are incorporated and updated on WordPress new version.
Weebly, however, has a simple design with pre-defined templates for a website, along with limited plugins and add-ons.


seo and rankingWhen talking specifically about WordPress, then you can surely evaluate that WordPress is having more resources available on various forums and websites in comparison to Weebly. If you search on Google for Weebly, then the total number of hits would be around 1500. However, if you do the same for WordPress, then you can find around 1.5 million hits. So, definitely, you can get lots of resource for WordPress, which is not quite the same case with Weebly.

SEO and Ranking

WordPress gives the best result for SEO. It does this by efficiently managing your website categories and content, along with a simple source code. By further adding the SEO plugins, you can ensure a high level of optimization due to their advanced power.

With WordPress, you can easily optimise the posts and pages through various automated plugins, but Weebly is not having such SEO tools, which might be unable to give you an added optimization advantage.


When come out the results, we conclude that WordPress is a better choice. It provides the best blogging option with better search engine optimization and subsequently a higher ranking. With so much of flexibility and features, you can create the perfect website and customize it the way you want. Its support for multiple languages further makes it an ideal choice.