Weebly Review on Blogging Usability & Flexibility

Weebly Review on Blogging Usability & Flexibility

This Weebly review on blogging usability and flexibility is based on our personal experience and hundreds of reviews from real users, designed to make clear whether this application is a good option for blogging. To provide an impartial answer, we started to use this software to set up a blog and monitor the blog closely in last November.

Just like many other popular blog software, such as WordPress, Textpattern, and much more, Weebly is widely used in a world scale. With a Weebly blog, bloggers are able to start their own business, display their achievements and be an authority on personal and professional interests. In below, we have listed the main features of this CMS to help you know more about it. Learn details in the following parts.

Ease of Use

It is very easy for people to start a blog using Weebly, even for people who are newbies with little hosting knowledge. With the flexible interface, you are able to build your blog content instantly and effortlessly. Besides, thanks to the publishing elements and powerful design of this software, you are allowed to concentrate on your content without any other distraction. Weebly takes care of everything.

No Limits

weebly blog no limitsBy using Weebly to set up a blog, you have the ability to fully control the post structure and layout, so you are capable of creating a unique blog website. Moreover, with the useful comment management tools included in this application, you are able to customize approval settings and moderation to meet you own needs, which enables you to create a special blog as you like.

Nowadays, modern blog visitors are ache for key navigation and interaction elements that may make them stay longer with a blog. The good news is that both of the desired features are available with Weebly because of its complete category, tag and sidebar customization.

Free Blog Templates

Weebly claims that no matter what you can think up, their blogging software can help you achieve it. This software comes with a large number of free templates working as independent websites or parts of a large website, with which you can customize and alert your blog to fit your own goals. What’s more, with the free hosting, your blog is guaranteed to load quickly and accessible to readers.

Sharing Features

Weebly can help users to get their ideas and voice to new audience every day, because it comes with social sharing features and RSS to help bloggers to share their messages through many channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others. In this way, you are able to get more and more blog visitors and propagandize your business.

A Plethora of Media & Widgets

There are a plethora of media and widgets options available in your blog dashboard. Therefore, if you blog is a photo journal, literary review video diary, or all three, you can make your blog work well with the least effort and trouble.


weebly blog conclusionAccording to the real user reviews we read, bloggers are highly satisfied with Weebly. Besides, from the aspect-to-aspect review above, it can be easily seen that Weebly is easy to use and flexible, with which bloggers are able to create an exceptional blog according to their needs and preference. Therefore, this software is a good option for setting up a blog.

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