Webs Coupon- Is There Any Useful Coupon for Webs?

Webs Coupon- Is There Any Useful Coupon for Webs?

With the goal of helping our readers save money, we have careful searched and picked coupon for the service offered by Webs. What is more, we also conduct an in-depth analysis on whether the coupon is of true value. In the following, we are to introduce the coupon and lift the veil of the affordability of the service.

Totally, this company comes with 3 shared web hosting packages that include Starter, Enhanced and Pro with a price starting at $3.75/mo, $7.50/mo and $16.50/mo regularly. Now Webs is promoting all package with a 33% discount. All webmasters are capable of enjoying this discount by purchasing the service directly on the official website of Webs without coupon code required.

Is the Coupon of True Value?

Seemingly, the price is attractive after the 33% discount applied, which is $2.51/mo, $5.02/mo and $11.05/mo respectively. So, whether the coupon is of true value? We are to show you the truth. Although the price of the basic package Starter charges only $2.51/mo, its resources are limited by offering only password protected pages, premium themes, webs branding removed, unlimited pages, and email support, but no custom domain name, website statistics, custom email addresses, mobile websites and support via phone & live chat.

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Since the features of Starter are limited, the service tempts to encourage webmasters to upgrade their packages, which is bound to spend more money that turns the service to be not cost-effective.

Is the Money Back Guarantee Satisfactory?

money back guaranteeWebs promises webmasters to receive a full refund within the first 30 days when cancelling the service. This company announces on its official website that the policy does not apply to domain name registration and other paid service, however, it does not clearly explain what is the paid service refers to.

Frankly speaking, although the money back guarantee of webs is not unreasonable, it still fails to keep abreast with some top-notch web hosting providers coming with a long period of refunds. Please check the table in below to get more details.