WebHostingPad VS InMotion Hosting – Which Is the Better Choice?

WebHostingPad VS InMotion Hosting – Which Is the Better Choice?

For people wishing to set up their personal blogs, WebHostingPad and InMotion Hosting are two popular brands. Both of them are experienced blog hosting providers which offer budget hosting service designed for personal and small businesses. However, which one is the better choice?

We have started a comprehensive WebHostingPad vs InMotion Hosting comparison for affordability, hosting performance, customer service, and industry reputation, based on our editors’ real hosting experience and in-depth research over the Internet.

Rating InMotion InMotion WebHostingPad
Plan in Comparison Launch Power Power Plan
Reliability 5 of 5 5 of 5 2 of 5
Loading Speed 5 of 5 5 of 5 1 of 5
Technical Support 5 of 5 5 of 5 2 of 5
Feature 4 of 5 5 of 5 4 of 5
Price 4 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5
Sales Now! 57% Off 50% Off 60% Off
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $4.49/mo $1.99/mo
Recommended? Yes Yes No
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Price Value

A truly quality hosting service should not only be cheap, but also include rich features. In this respect, InMotion has a higher price value than WebHostingPad.

InMotion Hosting offers 3 web hosting packages named as Launch, Power, and Pro, which are priced starting at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo, and $15.99/mo respectively. At present, however, customers can purchase them at the price of $2.95/mo, $4.49/mo, and $7.49/mo effectively by going through this special promotion link. Note that all the prices has been cut more than 50% off.

The price of WebHostingPad hosting service is starting at $4.95/mo regularly, but now, the rate is down to $1.99/mo. Without doubt, it is very budget-friendly. However, this cheap price is only valid for 4 or 5 years billing. Would you like to pay for 5 years at once?

Price InMotion InMotion WebHostingPad
Plan in Comparison Launch Power Power Plan
Regular Price $6.99/mo $8.99/mo $4.95/mo
Sales Now! 57% Off 50% Off 60% Off
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $4.49/mo $1.99/mo
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In terms of feature-richness, both of them have done a good job, offering unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, powerful cPanel control panel, 1-click script installer, the latest version of PHP and MySQL, Perl, Python, PostgreSQL and many more. However, WebHostingPad lacks free marketing credits, and its money back period is 30 days only while InMotion promises 90 days.

Moreover, InMotion hosting comes with SSH to help customers manage server effortlessly, SSD to get better hosting performance, and much more. Here we would like to say more about their ease of use. During the hosting journey, you can easily set up your website, install many applications, and manage your website with either of them. Their website builder, 1-click installer, and cPanel will give you an easy hosting experience. However, InMotion is also highlighted for the cPanel demo, pre-installation service, and safe application roll-back service.

  • A demo for cPanel is provided for you to learn whether you can rely on this control panel.
  • More than 400 applications are included with the installer. The pre-installation service is designed for WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop.
  • You are free to roll your installation back to a previous version.
Feature InMotion InMotion WebHostingPad
Plan in Comparison Launch Power Power Plan
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes Yes
Website Builder Yes Yes Yes
PHP 5 Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Installed Choice of WordPress Yes Yes No
MySQL 5 Yes Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes Yes
SSD Yes Yes No
Python Yes Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes No
Advertising Credits $250 $250 No
Full Refund Guarantee 90 Days 90 Days 30 Days
Learn More Learn More NOT Recommended


This is one of the most important parts when choosing the good blog hosting service. After all, both search engines and human beings are not willing to visit a site that is always inaccessible on the Internet.

To compare the 2 hosts in this aspect, we have carefully reviewed their web servers and data center infrastructure, ending up finding that both of them leverage the power of robust servers and world-class data centers, featuring uninterrupted power supply, multi-layer security system, advanced cooling system, and super-fast network connection. All the facilities are monitored day and night by a group of experts and advanced technologies.

With these cutting-edge facilities, the 2 companies succeed in guaranteeing at least 99% uptime. Check the detailed statistics in the following. However, 99.47% hosting uptime is not high enough to guarantee your successful online presence. Specifically speaking, your website will encounter hours of downtime per month with WebHostingPad. During the time, visitors cannot access your website content.

Loading Speed

To compare the hosting speed promised by them, we have carried out a performance testing with Pingdom 3 month ago. Our 2 tested blog sites include the same scripts and contents, and have been monitored at a 4-minute interval. As a result, the site hosted by InMotion only consumes an average of 237ms for server response, which is 234% faster than that hosted by WebHostingPad consuming 792ms averagely.

The reason why can InMotion achieve such an excellent hosting speed is not only the utilization of quality servers and state-of-art data centers, but also the utilization of its exclusive smart routing technology called Max Speed Zone that makes the blog sites run 6x faster.

Technical Support

supportAs the leading web hosting providers in the market, both of the two know the importance of quality technical support. Thus, instead of outsourcing this part, they choose to build their own responsive support teams.

All of their support staffs are required to have some experiences in this field, being able to deal with any problems raised by customers effectively. With their great patience, customers are guaranteed to have the best troubleshooting process.

Besides, their support services are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, even during the Christmas Eve via toll-free phone call, live chat, and e-mail.

Summary – InMotion is Recommended

According to the information discussed above, both of the 2 companies offer budget-friendly price, good uptime track record and excellent customer service. However, for customers looking for a fast hosting service with a high price value, InMotion Hosting is the better option.