WebHostingPad vs BlueHost – Which One to Choose for Bloggers

WebHostingPad vs BlueHost – Which One to Choose for Bloggers

This WebHostingPad vs BlueHost comparison is made for some blogging beginners looking to choose a quality web host between these two options. Without doubt, both of them are award-winning hosting providers that offer top-notch blog hosting.

When comparing them, we have carefully reviewed their price value, hosting performance, technical support and customer feedbacks. The following parts simply can give you an in-depth knowledge of their hosting quality, thus helping you make a right decision easily.

WebHostingPad vs BlueHost – Common Points

Money back guarantee

This policy is important as it promises you a risk-free purchasing. Therefore, both WebHostingPad and BlueHost offer the money back guarantee.They both refund you when you cancel your account before the initial 30 days of registration. From this perspective, both web hosts have the confidence to gain a high customer satisfaction with the quality hosting service.

Responsive technical support

The support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can dial the hotline number, click the live chat button, and open a ticket at any time you like. During our tests, both web hosts have made quick responses through phone calls and live chats. In our experience, live chat is the best way to get real-time technical support.

Rich hosting features

Both web hosts allow you to access unlimited package which can meet the needs of both newbies and experienced bloggers. Besides, you can get MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Cron Jobs, and more with either of them. Certainly, there is no denying that WebHostingPad is more generous about server resources. However, BlueHost also allocates sufficient disk space and bandwidth in the minimum plan.

WebHostingPad Wins Over BlueHost

Hosting Charges

WebHostingPad is famous for its budget-friendly hosting charges, starting at $1.99/mo only. To be frank, this level of pricing can be afforded easily by any webmasters. Here, we have to note that the cheap monthly price of $1.99/mo is only valid to the 4-year billing and 5-year billing for the Power Plan.

As for BlueHost, its cheapest price is $2.95/mo, which is for the Basic plan with a 3-year billing via this beneficial promotional link. It is true that BlueHost is not as cheap as WebHostingPad, but it still can be afforded without any burden by the majority of bloggers. Check the table of price comparison in the following.

BlueHost Promotional Link Activation
Price BlueHost WebHostingPad
60 Months $1.99/mo
48 Months $1.99/mo
36 Months $2.95/mo $2.29/mo
24 Months $3.95/mo $2.99/mo
12 Months $4.95/mo $3.99/mo

Security Scanning

WebHostingPad pays much attention to the website security. It not only takes advantages of the latest measurements for the protection of web servers. In addition, it has an exclusive technology named as Access Guardian, which scans your websites for vulnerabilities and dangerous openings behind the scenes.

As for BlueHost, this web host is undoubtedly a safe and secure web hosting provider that offers advanced technologies for spam prevention. However, their focus on this aspect may not be as strong as that of WebHostingPad.


WebHostingPad works with an advanced operating system named as CloudLinux. It improves the security and stability on web servers greatly by isolating the bad impact on offending users. As for BlueHost, it lacks the partnership with CloudLinux.

BlueHost Wins Over WebHostingPad

Advertising Credits

Free credits for advertisements are the common offerings of many web hosts, and these two companies are no exceptions. When comparing intensively, however, BlueHost wins slightly. It allows up to $200 marketing offerings in total, already doubles that of WebHostingPad.

Hosting Reliability

BlueHost is an award-winning web host that has been regarded as the most reliable web host by many customers. This is because it only utilizes the quality components to design, develop and maintain their solid web servers from scratch, featuring with SSD database storage, CentOS operating system, 64 TB of server capacity, 24GHz of speed and 8 processors. Besides, this web host spends millions of dollars to set up more than one data center for server location, each of which is top-notch and advanced. Thus, all the robust servers can work uninterruptedly to promise the highest level of stability.

At present, BlueHost claims to guarantee at least 99.99% uptime. Actually, they have far exceeded their promise in the real-world. As we have monitored their uptime for the past 3 months, our tested blog site is 100% online.

As for WebHostingPad, this web host also utilizes quality servers and one state-of-the-art data center. According to our monitoring, however, it only achieves a 99.47% uptime, causing 3 downtimes that are about one day to our tested website.

Page Loading Speed

In terms of the page loading speed, BlueHost is already 148% faster than WebHostingPad based on our performance testing results. Note that our sample blog sites are totally identical, coming with the same template, plugins and contents. After getting them hosted with these web hosts for around 3 months, the BlueHost-hosted one requires 320ms only for server response while the other one requires 792ms.

Customer Satisfaction

We stick to the idea that customers are closest to the fact. Besides our own investigation, we also care much about what opinions their real users have on their service quality. So far, we have collected 19 reviews from the WebHostingpad users and 1058 reviews from the BlueHost users. Most of them chose to start with their shared hosting service.

Since their launch in 2005, WebHostingPad has been well-known as a cheap hosting provider. Until now, WebHostingPad lacks the offering of dedicated servers, which limits the choices of their new customers and existing users. And the shared hosting and VPS hosting services disappoint those who hold high expectations for the service quality.

With more than 2 years of hosting experience, however, BlueHost establishes a great reputation in the industry. An overwhelming majority of the real users sing high praises for BlueHost and recommend it to those who have no idea where to go.

WebHostingPad vs BlueHost – Which One to Choose

When choosing between them, we think BlueHost is the better option for bloggers due to its budget-friendliness, high level of reliability and fast hosting speed. Besides, it has gained a great reputation among customers.