WebHostingHub VS A2Hosting – Linux Shared Hosting Comparison

WebHostingHub VS A2Hosting – Linux Shared Hosting Comparison

With the view to this WebHostingHub vs A2Hosting comparison, our readers will have a direction towards a proper web host with ease. Based on our rich reviewing experience, we can reveal their secret and give you some professional advice. Thanks to our editors’ in-depth research and thousands of customer feedbacks, the comparison between WebHostingHub vs A2Hosting can be as comprehensive as possible.

All the core factors our readers care much about are under our detailed discussion: price, feature, uptime, speed, support, and more. The details are available in the following. But a general idea can be delivered before with the below rating table.

Rating WebHostingHub A2Hosting
Price 5 4.5
Feature 5 4.5
Uptime 5 5
Performance 4.5 5
Support 4.5 4.5
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Background Information

WebHostingHub, which is the sister brand of InMotion Hosting, entered into hosting industry in 2010. But the quality service quality makes this web host grow rapidly and gain a good industry reputation. In fact, A2Hosting who is often rated for higher scores has a relatively longer history. 2003 is the year when A2Hosting started to provide web hosting services.

In this article, we focus our eyes on their basic plan which can give most of our readers a great start: Spark (WebHostingHub) and Lite (A2Hosting).

WebHostingHub VS A2Hosting – Common Points

More Than 99.9% Uptime

There is no surprise that you are looking for a reliable web host. Not only both web hosts make a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but also they have fulfilled their promise in the real world. Content on their hosted websites can be accessed under normal circumstances.

Good Technical Support

It is hard to say who has a hard time getting through the difficulties. Good technical support is a necessity for the removal of some unknown problems. Most often, issues will be much easier to address under their professional guidance.

WebHostingHub and A2Hosting have the aim to deliver a high customer satisfaction. Therefore, both of them don’t ignore the importance of creating a solid support team. Their common communication channels are live chat, phone call, and ticket. Also, WebHostingHub gives you the option to make a call through Skype.

Pros of WebHostingHub

Cheaper Hosting Charges

The WebHostingHub plan can be as affordable as $1.50/mo for the first 3 months and $3.25/mo for the rest of 3-year subscriptions. A promo link is available for new comers to take participate in the campaign, with up to 83% discounts off the regular ones.

The Lite plan from A2Hosting is now priced from $3.92/mo with a 51% discount. Users who send the 2/3-year payment in advance can enjoy the bottom price. The fact is that WebHostingHub is slightly cheaper than A2Hosting. However, one good thing is that A2Hosting also supports monthly payment.

Price Information WebHostingHub A2Hosting
Plan in Comparison Spark Lite
Billed Triennially $1.50/mo (3 mos) +$3.25/mo (33 mos) $3.92/mo
Billed Biennially $1.50/mo (3 mos) +$3.99/mo (21 mos) $3.92/mo
Billed Annually $3.99/mo $4.41/mo
Billed Monthly $4.90/mo
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90-Day Full Money Back

With either WebHostingHub or A2Hosting, your money security will be protected by the anytime money back guarantee. But the full refund period of WebHostingHub is 90 days, much longer than that of A2Hosting (30 Days).

Richer Features

Spark plan not only comes with more server resources but also includes a 1-year free domain name. There are no limitations on the disk space and bandwidth usage. But WebHostingHub users have access to more databases, email accounts, one more hosted domains, etc. Also, no extra fees are required for the domain name registration within the first year.

It should be noticed that both web hosts integrate free cPanel, SSL, SSD, and some other free extras into their basic plan. You should know that many web hosts in the market lack these feature offerings.

Feature Information WebHostingHub A2Hosting
Plan in Comparison Spark Lite
Free Domain 1 0
Hosted Domains 2 1
Databases 10 5
Email Accounts Unlimited 25
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes Yes
SSD Yes Yes
SSL Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
1-click Installer Yes Yes
PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
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Pros of A2Hosting

Much Hosting Freedom

Our focus is to tell their Linux shared hosting service. In the long run, however, you still have the need to learn their business scope. WebHostingHub users have no choice but to go with the Linux web hosting from the beginning to the end. In contrast, A2Hosting has many hosting services to choose from, such as, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting.

Fast Hosting Performance

Of course, a short server response time should be expected for the delivery of website content. Most often, audience will lack the patience to wait for an unresponsive website. That is to say, your website needs to deliver valuable content within a short time. In the past month, their server response time average about 400ms.

But the A2Hosting hosting environment can be faster with the Turbo plan. Websites hosted on the Turbo servers will load 20x faster than those on the Swift servers. It is recorded that 1 second delay will cause a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, 11% fewer page views, and 7% decrease in conversion rate.

Wrap Up

Here we conclude that both web hosts are good Linux shared hosting providers. WebHostingHub is recommended to those who have a more limited budget and need richer features. A2Hosting is perfect for those who want to create a fast and growing website.