WebHostingHub PayPal? Only Credit Cards Allowed

WebHostingHub PayPal? Only Credit Cards Allowed

WebHostingHub doesn’t support PayPal. Is WebHostingHub trusted for your credit card? Read the secret of WebHostingHub payment story.

WebHostingHub hosting is for $6.99/mo, $7.99/mo, and $8.99/mo for 3/2/1 years plan regularly. With going through this WebHostingHub promotional link, you can get their web hosting starting at $3.99/mo, saving up to $108 at once.

Pricing Details

  • 1 year plan
  • 2 years plan
  • 3 years plan

Payment Method

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

WebHostingHub Promotion Link Activation

The secret is that the WebHostingHub renew price is up to $8.99/mo as you may have noticed in the WebHostingHub order confirmation page, because they don’t provide any discount for the renewal. If PayPal is allowed, it usually requires customers to take actions actively to re-pay WebHostingHub again when the first bill closes to the end. In this case, some customers paid via PayPal may hesitate to renew the accounts for the significantly more expensive price. As a result, WebHostingHub may have a big loss on their customers.

With credit card only, WebHostingHub can deduct credits from your credit card without your re-authorization for the renewal. So, to reduce the risk on the web hosting business, WebHostingHub chooses not to support payment via PayPal, but the 4 types of credits card including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

However, WebHostingHub is a really outstanding shared web hosting provider and highly accepted by their customers. By now, our sister site BestHostingSearch had received up to 333 WebHostingHub customer reviews. Based on the WebHostingHub review statistics, the 99.7% of customers were satisfied with the WebHostingHub hosting service. This is one of the highest web hosting customer satisfaction rate of all web hosts that we have reviewed so far.

Is WebHostingHub Trust-worth For Credit Card

Yes, exactly. WebHostingHub is the sister brand of the famous business class web hosting provider InMotion that has devoted into web hosting businesses for over 10 years since 2001. They have a terrific reputation in the web hosting communities, and have been trusted by 500,000 customers worldwide. WebHostingHub is not a personal, startup or small web hosting company, so you don’t worry that they will charge you one more penny which shall not be. In fact, there has not been any evidences for the evil of WebHostingHub.

WebHostingHub protects their customer credit card information by the rock-solid technology and web hosting operation experience:

  1. Encrypt the credit card information using 3-DES encryption algorithm and stored in the secure enterprise edition MySQL database.
  2. Every credit card is encrypted using the different 3-DES encryption seed per credit card.
  3. No employee has the permission to read the full information of a customer credit card, including their supervisors.

If you don’t intend to continue with WebHostingHub on one day, you can submit the cancellation request in the WebHostingHub control panel. With only 1 business day, the hosting account with your credit card information will be removed permanently from their database. You don’t worry about that your credit card will be charged in abuse.

WebHostingHub PayPal - NOT Supported

Looking for PayPal Allowed Web Hosts?

If you only prefer to going with a web host that supports PayPal, unfortunately, WebHostingHub is not the choice although it’s one of the best web hosts that we had reviewed so far. In this case, we recommend you going with the following reputed web hosts: