Web Hosting PayPal

Web Hosting PayPal

PayPal is a secure and worry-free purchase method for a web hosting subscription rather than credit card. There are more than 100,000 web hosting companies over the Internet, and approximately 95% of them are only the startup and small companies operated by less than 5 employees. Providing the full information to an untrusted company is just making your money in risk, particularly we have heard a lot of cases that the web hosting subscriptions cannot be cancelled until the customers cancelled their credit cards.

Think about why almost all the web hosting companies prefer the payment via credit card instead of PayPal? Besides PayPal charges up to 4% of the total bill for fee, the web hosting renewal rate is the first concern. As we worked in web hosting review for a couple of years, we know the actuality of the web hosting market is that almost the web hosting companies offer the compelling discount for the first bill only, then charge customers at a much more expensive rate in renewal.

Take the famous company HostGator as an example. The HostGator web hosting starts at $3.82/mo, actually the renew price is $6.95/mo, but almost the customers don’t know this secret. When the expensive renewal rate comes to attention of customers for PayPal payment again, it’s high possible that some subscribers won’t choose to renew the service. Surely, HostGator supports PayPal, but the HostGator customer cancellation rate is up to 65%. This is absolutely not a problem for the payment via credit card, because the web hosting companies can charge the credit cards without the further notification as the customers had signed up the approval with the Terms & Services with a lot of complicated terms, although they might not read them in detail.

Top 3 Web Hosts Support PayPal

After reviewed 100+ web hosting companies since 2006, we had come out a list of top 3 web hosting companies which support the payment via PayPal as following. According to our editors’ real hosting experience, they have been proven as the trusted and risk-free providers.