Web Hosting Anytime Money Back Guarantee Secrets Unveiled

Web Hosting Anytime Money Back Guarantee Secrets Unveiled

In today’s web hosting industry, the money back guarantee should be highlighted by every hosting company, as it is a critical part of a web hosting subscription. Some hosting companies start to offer a 15-day or 45-day money back guarantee, creating a sense of risk-free for customers.

Moreover, there are some web hosts even provide ANYTIME money back guarantee, making their services more attractive to potential customers. After reviewing hundreds of web hosts that offer this benefits, we have found that BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, WebHostingHub, HostMonster, and JustHost are the ideal options.

Rank Host Full Refund
(including domain)
Full Refund
(excluding domain)
1 BlueHost <= 3 days <= 30 days Anytime $3.49/mo Visit
2 InMotion Hosting <= 3 days <= 90 days Anytime $3.49/mo Visit
3 WebHostingHub <= 3 days <= 90 days Anytime $3.99/mo Visit
4 HostMonster <= 3 days <= 30 days Anytime $3.95/mo Visit
5 JustHost <= 3 days <= 30 days Anytime $3.49/mo Visit

In below, our editors are going to explain this hosting benefit in detail, helping our readers understand its importance.

What is Anytime Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee, also known as a “satisfaction guarantee” is a simple policy that, if a buyer is not satisfied with a product or service, a refund will be made. However, this refund applies to a specific money back period, after which the customers won’t receive even one cent refund.

An anytime money back guarantee is totally different. It enables the unsatisfied customers to ask for a refund at any time when they want to terminate the services. Fortunately, this beneficial policy has been used by some leading web hosting companies to win the confidence of customers.

2 Parts of Anytime Money Back Guarantee

There are 2 parts of this refund policy in the web hosting industry:

Full refund

If the customers are not completely satisfied with the web hosting service, they are entitled to ask for a full refund of all fees paid in connection with the registration, based on a specific time period and restrictions obviously.

Take BlueHost as an example. BlueHost offers 30-day FULL money back guarantee. This means customers can get a full refund if they want to cancel the hosting account within 30 days since signing up. By the way, no questions will be asked.

Post-rated refund

The customers may terminate the web hosting at any time. If the cancellation has been made after the full refund period, the customers also have the right to enjoy this policy on a post-rated basis.

Disclosure of the Guarantee Restrictions

Obviously, this is a beneficial policy for the customers. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely transparent and zero-risky. Some restrictions of the money back policy are as following.

Only hosting subscription is refundable

If you want to terminate the hosting service, the refund money only applies to the web hosting itself. That means fees paid for hosting extras such as the unused portions of additional monthly data transfer, SSL certificate, Site Backup Pro, SEO Package, SiteLock, domain privacy, domain names or other service are nonrefundable.

Even, this benefit offered by some companies is only applicable for the purchase of shared web hosting, but not for the VPS, reseller or dedicated hosting.

Only designated payment channel is refundable

Some web hosts claim that the refund policy is only valid for new customers who have paid using credit cards or Google Wallet, which means that any other forms of payments are nonrefundable, including PayPal, Money Orders, Checks and Cashier’s Check.

Free domain name cannot be refunded

Some hosting companies provide customers with free domain names, but charge them additional domain registration fees if the cancellation is made after 3 days (the industry standard) since the signup. After, the domain name cannot be cancelled once registered, and thus, cannot be refunded.

Take Godaddy as an example. If the hosting customers cancel the account after 3 days, the refund is reduced by $ 13.99 per domain name, and customers retain the full ownership and control of the domain name after the cancellation.

Setup Fees cannot be refunded

Setup fees are nonrefundable. If customers cancel their accounts within the eligible period, they are only able to get the refund associated with the web hosting, but not the fees they paid for setup.

Prohibited use

The web hosting companies cancel customers’ accounts without any refund if the customers have used the web hosting for illegal purposes, such as spamming, profanity, disclosing private information and images, violating intellectual property rights, distributing viruses, and hacking.

In addition, there are lots of web hosts provide the advertising credits to customers who are residents in USA, Canada and Europe only. Note that these extras cannot be refunded.

Refund Tips

Here are some tips for customers when asking for a refund:

False money back guarantee

Some small hosting companies cheat the customers by claiming to provide money back guarantee. However, when the customers offer their credit card and apply to terminate the hosting service within a specific period, this kind of requests may not be responded whatever. Even some sucking hosting companies still deduct from the customers’ credit cards after the cancellation.

Therefore, our editors highly recommend the readers going with some famous and reliable web hosting companies to purchase a secure hosting service, such as BlueHost and others that are listed above.

How to cancel

The customers shall be allowed to direct all the cancellation requests to hosting companies via the electronic cancellation form, or contact support staff through toll-free hotline, e-mail and live chat. Besides, the cancellation request must include verification of ownership of the hosting account and/or domains to protect the negative attack.


It’s out of question that anytime money back guarantee benefits customers for less risky, and benefits web hosting companied for more attractive to the customers. However, once the customers plan to purchase a hosting plan with such as benefit, it is essential to read the complete information about the refund policy carefully, ensuring that they will not be misled by such guarantees or lose their money.