Web.com VS GoDaddy – Linux Shared Hosting Comparison

Web.com VS GoDaddy – Linux Shared Hosting Comparison

Both Web.com and GoDaddy have been famous for providing reliable hosting service for many years. However, which is the better Linux shared hosting service provider? To make it clear, we have reviewed the 2 companies on the overall hosting service, price, feature, reliability, performance and technical support for about 6 months.

In addition, we have browsed a pile of customer reviews on the Internet to learn how customers think about the shared hosting service they got from the 2 companies. Based on our in-depth review and the verified feedbacks, we have made the ratings of some of the important aspects. Read the detailed statistics in the following table.

Rating Web.com GoDaddy
Plan in Review Essential Ultimate
Overall 3 stars 3.5 stars
Features 3 stars 3.5 stars
Loading Speed 3.5 stars 3 stars
Reliability 4.5 stars 4.5 stars
Technical Support 3 stars 3 stars
Price $9.96/mo $9.99/mo
How to Claim Not Recommended Not Recommended

Plans & Price

Web.com VS GoDaddy - PriceHaving been in the industry for many years, Web.com has released 3 Linux shared hosting plans named as Essential, Professional and Premium, which are priced at $9.96/mo, $13.29/mo and $29.13/mo for the annual billing. In addition, each of the plans comes with a free domain name for 1 year, which saves customers at least $12.

Just like its competitor, GoDaddy, the largest domain registrar, offers 3 Linux based shared hosting solutions to enable their customers to choose the most proper one according to their current budget and needs. The plans are named as Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate and priced at $8.99/mo, $11.99/mo and $19.99/mo for annual billing, but customers who subscribe the plans now are able to cut the price down to $6.49/mo, $7.99/mo and $9.99/mo due to the discount the company offers.

In addition to the compelling discount, this company provides each customers with a free domain name for 1 year, which save customers at least $11.99/mo. Besides, this company offers 30 days prorated money back guarantee to enable customers to ask for a prorated refund if they want to cancel their accounts in the first 30 days. Moreover, the company supports both credit cards and PayPal to ensure the purchase is secure and easy.


All web hosting packages offered by the 2 companies are packed with many outstanding features including plenty disk space and monthly data transfer to meet customers’ business needs. In addition, the plans are integrated with 1-click script installer to enable customers to install most of the popular CMS with a few clicks in less than 1 minute. However, there are also some differences between the shared hosting plans offered by Web.com and GoDaddy.

Learn the detailed feature information in the following table. Note that Web.com Essential Plan and GoDaddy Ultimate Plan are selected for their similar price.

Feature Web.com GoDaddy
Plan in Review Essential Ultimate
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space 300 GB Unlimited
Free Domain 1 1
Email Accounts 10 1,000
Hosting Websites 1 Unlimited
cPanel No Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
PostgreSQL No No
Live Chat Support No No
PHP 5 Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes
Not Recommended Not Recommended

Reliability & Performance

Web.com VS GoDaddy - ReliabilityWhen it comes to hosting uptime, Web.com has never disappointed any of their customers. Utilizing multiple first-class data centers, this company guarantees solid 99.9% uptime. In data centers, they use high performance Dell servers, UPS and diesel generators. All the top-ranking facilities ensure that customers are able to run websites smoothly and stably.

As for GoDaddy, this company also guarantees 99.9% uptime for all of their customers. This company has invested a lot of money in their 9 data centers located in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific region, all of which are equipped with 100% factory-tested Dell servers and redundant power supply. Moreover, technicians and engineers are monitoring the data centers and servers 24×7, so that they can find and resolve any sudden issue immediately to protect the hosted websites from any unexpected interruption.

Learn GoDaddy uptime of the past 30 days in the following statistics chart.

According to our survey, there are a lot people complaining the slowness of the hosting service Web.com and GoDaddy provides. Besides, in the last months, the websites we hosted with the 2 companies run a little slower than that hosted with some other web hosts. According to our monitoring result, the server response time of GoDaddy is 784ms on average in these months, while that of its competitor is 652ms.

Read the following statistics chart for the detailed information of GoDaddy server response time of the past 30 days.

Technical Support

Web.com VS GoDaddy - SupportWeb.com and GoDaddy both provide 24×7 customer support service through phone and email. All of their technical support staffs are professional, experienced and knowledgeable, so that they are able to help customers deal with any kind of hosting issue quickly and instantly. Besides, in their forums, customers can find the answers of almost frequently asked questions.

However, neither Web.com nor GoDaddy allows customers to contact them via live chat, which doesn’t bother customers who are native English speakers. Nevertheless, this may lead customers who can’t communicate with the support staffs on phone in English unable to get instant and effective assistance.


To be honest, although the Linux shared hosting service the 2 companies provide are really reliable, they are still not good choice for people to build ecommerce website due to the slow hosting speed and lack of live chat support.

If you are looking for a reliable web host to set up a good website, we sincerely recommend you go with BlueHost, WebHostingHub and JustHost that offer rich-featured, user-friendly, fast and reliable Linux shared hosting at a low price. In addition, all the 3 companies allow customers to contact them via toll-free phone call, email and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn more about the recommended companies in the following table.