Vultr Review – Are the SSD-based VPS Servers Good?

Vultr Review – Are the SSD-based VPS Servers Good?

Vultr is a new American VPS hosting provider who was established in 2014. The company provides VPS service for a dozen countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, Britain, France and Germany, etc. And all of their data centers and servers are based on KVM.

The company claims that they can provide the largest worldwide network and you can enjoy fast loading speed and low latency infrastructure solution wherever you are. To make a detailed analysis and figure out whether it is real or not, we make this Vultr review from some important aspects to help readers choose a desirable service, including price, features, loading speed and technical support.

Below are the ratings given to the company’s VPS hosting.

Vultr Review
Vultr Review

  • Reputation
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Features
    rating 2 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2 of 5
  • Price

Price and Packages

There are six packages provided by Vultr and you can choose to pay the billing hourly or monthly as you like. For instance, if you buy the service monthly you need to pay $5/mo, $7/mo, $15/mo, $35/mo, $70/mo and $125/mo respectively. The first two packages are really cheap and most people can afford them while the last two are so expensive that they are not very popular among small businesses.

Furthermore, there is an important point you need to care about. The price of bandwidth differs from regions. Overage is priced at $0.02/GB in North America, $0.02/GB in Europe, $0.05/GB in Tokyo and $0.10/GB in Australia.

In addition, the VPS hosting is charged according to the hours used and $5 is the minimum monthly payment. In terms of payment methods, this company supports credit card and PayPal.


To target customers with different demands, Vultr distributes different packages as follows:

Feature Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 6
CPU 1 1 4
Memory Space 768MB 1024MB 16384MB
SSD Disk Space 15GB 20GB 250GB
Bandwidth 1000GB 2000GB 8000GB
Price $5/mo $7/mo $125/mo

From above, it’s easy to notice that the more expensive plans have more space and monthly bandwidth. In addition, the company includes 100% SSD storage with their low latency network. Their control panel can take control of customers’ virtual machines directly from their dedicated customer portal. Moreover, many of features are accessible with 1-Click, such as restart, reboot, reinstall, reimage and more.

However, though the company’s packages are very cheap, many necessary programming tools are not included, like PHP. So on one hand you need to install them by yourself, but on the other only skilled developers can finish these tasks. This hosting service may be suitable for technicians and developers while it is not a good option for business.


vultr performanceWith many data centers located in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, Vultr adopts 100% Intel CPUs at 3GNz+ and never over provisions them. With these CPUs, the servers can keep smooth operation and ensure quick speed. The company claims to offer regional private network on per-account basis for each customer’s account.

Even if Vultr promises to provide best services and fastest loading speed, the outcome is not satisfactory. According to the responses from their customers, the server response takes a long period and always gets stuck when they are running the machine.

Customer Service

vultr technical supportWhen it comes to technical support, Vultr indeed doesn’t do a good job because they only provides email to help users solve problems. As is known, email is an inefficient and time-wasting contact method and when emergency happens, such support method can do nothing.

Lack of live chat and phone call are drawbacks of this company’s customer service because the two methods can not only help fix issues as soon as possible but also increase the trust degrees from people. Therefore, for this aspect, Vultr doesn’t show a desirable picture for readers.


From the analysis above, Vultr is not a remarkable VPS provider in spite of the fact that it can meet some common requirements of customers to some extent. Therefore, we have some good VPS recommendations for you because of their affordable price, fast loading speed, rich features and professional customer services. More details are listed in below to give readers more useful information.