VPSDime Review – VPS Hosting Secrets Revealing

VPSDime Review – VPS Hosting Secrets Revealing

Setting up in 2013, VPSDime is a relatively new provider of VPS hosting. It claims to offer the highest quality of hosting services with the best price value. This company provides both Linux and Windows VPS hosting services. However, the Windows services are only available on its another independent brand.

Therefore, we are going to focus on the companies’ Linux web hosting packages. In this VPSDime review, we will reveal both its edges and limitations in regarding of price value, features, reliability, speed, and technical support to help readers figure out whether this company provides the right VPS hosting.

VPSDime Review

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Good Aspects of VPSDime

Cheap hosting plans

It is these cheap hosting plans that grant VPSDime the power to make a mark in the industry. For Linux VPS, this company offers six hosting plans that include scalable memory, disk space, and bandwidth. Pricing from $7/mo to $42/mo, these hosting plans include 4 CPU cores, 10 Gbit connections, 6GB-36GB memory, 30GB-180GB SSD storage, and 2TB-12TB bandwidth.

When considering the generous allocation of system resources and low prices, VPSDime hosting plans are fairly economical that appeal to users on a budget.

Flexible billing cycles

Besides accepting payments via credit cards and PayPal, VPSDime provides flexible billing cycles. Billing monthly in advance, this company also supports quarterly and annually billing terms. Therefore, users are not locked to a certain contract and may cancel the hosting services at their decisions.

Good uptime

VPSDime utilizes a data center that is located in Dallas, Texas. It claims to build their hardware nodes and monitoring tools by themselves to guarantee peak performance. Since there is few detailed information about its power supply, network, and security systems, it is difficult to evaluate the company’s facilities theoretically.

This company provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. According to our monitoring statistics, it has almost followed its words. In the past thirty days, VPSDime has achieved an average of 99.90% uptime, which is not stunning yet fairly good. The following image gives more details about VPSDime uptime.

VPSDime Uptime

Drawbacks of VPSDime

Unreasonable refund policy

The refund policy is an important weapon to protect users’ rights and interests. In the present, most VPS providers are offering at least 30-day money back guarantee for users to test out their hosting services. BlueHost, a reputable industry giant, even supports anytime refund.

However, VPSDime shortens the time to three days merely. Users who desire a refund should submit a refund request before the end of this 72-hour trial period. It is certain that this trial is pressing for time, which makes it difficult for users to verify whether the hosting services are right or not.

Limited features

VPSDime FeaturesWhen it comes to features, it is, in fact, a little bit difficult to jump to a conclusion directly. As mentioned before, this company is relatively generous with the allocation of system resources. Also, it supports various popular Linux distributions, SSH, and full root access. Besides, VPSDime provides solid state drives that are much faster than traditional HDDs.

However, when investigating more comprehensively, we find multiple limitations with VPSDime hosting features, which becomes one of the most important reasons that we do not recommend this company. These limitations are listed as follow.

  • VPSDime offers a SolusVM control panel for users to manage their VPS’s power functions and statistic graphs. This default control panel is to some extent inferior to some leading control panels in terms of ease of use and functionality.
  • The company does not provide dedicated IP addresses by default. Besides, the 4 CPU cores coming with these Linux VPS hosting plans are not dedicated to users. All of these cores are only available for peak times.
  • Users are allowed to send up to 50 mails per hour, which is far from enough, especially for those who have large amounts of emails to handle.
  • The backup service of VPSDime is not reliable. Users instead are fully responsible for their data backup.
  • IPv6 is not supported by VPSDime.

Relatively slow speed

Despite the fact that VPSDime includes SSDs and amazing 10Gbit network with each hosting plan, the company’s performance in speed is somehow depressing. On the basis of our monitoring outcomes, it takes VPSDime 3.75 seconds for page loading and 601ms for responding to a server request.

For more detailed statistics, please check the following screen capture.

VPSDime Server Response Time

Unsatisfying support

Even though users who choose VPS hosting services are prone to pose some technical knowledge, the hosting provider still plays an important role in guaranteeing them with good care. However, it seems that VPSDime has missed the essence of technical support in the following aspects.

VPSDime SupportFirstly, since these Linux hosting plans are unmanaged services, the company only offers support in solving server and network related issues. This means that users who desire other technical support may receive no assistance.

Secondly, VPSDime lacks the phone and live chat supports, which are widely recognized as the most effective support channels. Users are only able to access the technical support via its ticket system with an average of 15 minutes guaranteed response time.

Finally, while many other VPS providers provide a knowledgebase as a complement for those who desire to find out solutions by themselves, VPSDime simply lacks this offer.

Conclusion & Suggestion

From this in-depth VPSDime review, we can find that this company is not worth trying for VPS hosting. Even though it provides cheap hosting plans, multiple billing terms, and good uptime, the company has many apparent drawbacks in terms of the refund policy, features, speed, and technical support.

As a result, we do not recommend VPSDime. If you are looking for a reputable and quality VPS hosting provider, the following companies are right candidates.

Awarded as the best VPS hosting providers by numerous experienced editors and webmasters, all of these companies are reputable for offering economical hosting plans that are richly featured. Besides, they provide excellent uptime, speed, and technical support to ensure that each user is in good hands.