VPS.NET Review – Is It the Right Host for You?

VPS.NET Review – Is It the Right Host for You?

VPS.NET, as the name suggests, is a company that focuses on cloud VPS hosting services. The company, founded in 2009, has reached more than 10,000 users from over 180 different countries in the world.

However, is the VPS hosting service of VPS.NET right for you? To help you question clear, we are going to make a concise yet profound VPS.NET review on price, hosting plans, features, performance, money-back guarantee, and support. In the end, we will make a summary and also provide you some useful and appropriate suggestions.

VPS.NET Review

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    rating 3 of 5
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What about the hosting plans and price?

VPS.NET provides various hosting plans. You can choose from the following two types of products: Cloud VPS and SSD VPS. The service fees you have to pay will diverge accordingly.

Cloud VPS hosting plans & pricing

If you choose Cloud VPS, you can get started by selecting a node, OS, and server location. Generally speaking, if you choose one node for your hosting plan, you can get 1 CPU core, 0.5GB RAM, 3TB bandwidth, and 10GB disk space. Also, you can choose either the CentOS or Ubuntu, which are both free.

The starting price for Cloud VPS is $20/mo. However, there is a 25% discount for Atlanta and Chicago locations, where the price is lowered to $15/mo.

SSD VPS hosting plans & pricing

There are altogether six alternatives for you. The price varies from $5/mo to $192/mo. More details are displayed as follows.


What features are available?

Since VPS.NET hosting plans diverge a lot, the features of each plan are not all the same. Consequently, we have reviewed Cloud VPS features and those of SSD VPS respectively to avoid some unnecessary confusion of your understanding.

Cloud VPS key features

  • Self healing: VPS.NET cloud is designed to be reliable. There will be several servers working together at the same time powering your websites. If one server fails, other servers on the cloud can be available to continue your service.
  • Assisted start-up: VPS.NET will help you with many aspects of website hosting, such as the server configuration, software installation, data transferring, etc.
  • Auto scaling: When you outgrow your hosting plan, the auto-scaling will add additional resources to your server. You only have to pay for what you need. Also, you reserve the right to set auto-scaling limits to get your cost under control.
  • API: VPS.NET provides you powerful and rich-featured API. With the full API, you can create, manage, and resell cloud servers of VPS.NET as you will.

SSD VPS key features

  • SSD disks: You are provided with super fast SSDs, whose operating rate is up to 100,000 IOPS. This enables you to run your application smoothly and provide your customers with fast data transferring services.
  • Various choices of server locations: There are six server locations available for you, for example, New York City, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles in the US.
  • Multiple choices of OS: You can either choose CentOS or Ubuntu without any additional fees.

Common points

    The following two features are available both for Cloud VPS and SSD VPS.

  • Free SSL: VPS.NET provides free SSL certificate, which is very important to protect your online transactions.
  • Full root access: Both Cloud VPS and SSD VPS hosting plans are provided with full root access, which allows you to perform various tasks, such as installing server wide applications, editing any file on the server, etc.


Another critical feature that you should pay attention to is the control panel. VPS.NET provides cPanel, one of the most famous control panels in the industry, as an option for Cloud VPS and SSD VPS. You can pay another $10 per month to get access of it.

With this reputable tool, you can:

  • Access and manage your emails, files, databases, and installs in an easy way.
  • Access all critical information, such as statistical data, security resources, etc.

How’s VPS.NET Performance and Reliability?

Multiple data center locations

VPS.NET utilizes 21 data centers, many of which are located in the US. The distribution of data centers is displayed in the following picture.

VPS.NET Data Center Location

With these various choices, you can choose a data center that is closest to your target audience to assure a better and faster web presence.

Reliable hosting

VPS.NET data centers are carefully selected and maintained. Tier3 classification and redundant power sources are all available. There’s also a VESDA smoke detection system to guarantee the security of these data centers. This makes the web hosting services provided by VPS.NET to some extent reliable.

Besides, VPS.NET provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is detailed in SLA, the Service Level Agreement. They promise to give you the optimum performance of their network, data center HVAC and power.

According to our monitoring results and many webmasters’ reviews, VPS.NET uptime is fairly stable. This is detailed in the following image.

VPS.NET Uptime

Not bad speed

As for the speed, VPS.NET succeeds in providing relatively fast page loading speed. But still you have to share a single physical machine with others, so the disk space and bandwidth you can access are limited. In this case, some negative influences will be posed on the overall performance of your websites.

The following screen capture shows the speed of VPS.NET.


What about VPS.NET money-back guarantee?

VPS.NET offers you with a 30-day money guarantee. This guarantee is assured both with Cloud VPS and SSD VPS.

So if you are not satisfied with any so-called core services of VPS.NET, such as cloud server nodes, cloud applications, etc, you can terminate your account and ask for a refund within the first thirty days.

It has to be noted that the refund will not include either the add-on license fees or the domain registration fees. Additionally, you need to wait for your refund in 10 business days at most. VPS.NET also has the reserved right to refuse some invalid refunds.

How’s the technical support and customer service?

If you have any problems, you can contact VPS.NET through its toll-free hotline, live chat, or email. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also available for you to get assistance. Moreover, there’s a knowledge base as well as blog for you to access.

Besides, if you are an SSD VPS user, you can pay additional $25/mo to get the Enhanced Support. This service includes the assisted start-up and priority 24×7 support. Cloud VPS users, however, have free access to this service.

VPS.NET also provides the Ultimate Support, charged for $69/mo, as an option for Cloud VPS users running CentOS. An expert support team will be there ready to provide you with assistance. Compared with the Enhanced Support, this support option is more comprehensive and powerful in terms of monitoring, checks, pro-active management, and reporting.

Some other points I should know?

According to our review, there are also two main drawbacks of VPS.NET that you should pay attention.

Little flexibility in Cloud VPS

As we mentioned before, Cloud VPS is one of the most important services of VPS.NET. However, when you are choosing a Cloud VPS hosting plan, you may leave with relatively limited options in RAM, bandwidth, and disk drive.

For example, if you want 2 CPU cores, you will get 1GB RAM, 6TB bandwidth, and 20GB disk space. If you only need 3TB bandwidth or 10GB disk space, you cannot change either of them.

Many additional fees

Another point that you should notice is there are many additional fees contained both in Cloud VPS and SSD VPS hosting plans.

Take VPS0.5GB, one of SSD VPS hosting plans, as an example. With only $5/mo, you can get 0.5GB RAM, 20GB SSD disk storage, and 1TB bandwidth. This plan seems very attractive. However, if you want to use cPanel, you are charged for an additional $10/mo. The total fee you have to pay each month is up to $15.

Since many other leading VPS hosting companies are providing more RAM, bandwidth, and cPanel at a price even lower than $15/mo, VPS0.5GB is not attractive and competitive.

Summary & Suggestions

According to the evaluation, VPS.NET is a not bad cloud VPS hosting company. Its basic features and performance are both good.

But if you are looking for a relatively optimized hosting service at an affordable price, we do not recommend VPS.NET to you. The price is still too high, not even to mention that there are many hidden charges. Besides, there is little flexibility for you in Cloud VPS.

As a result, we commend you the following three leading VPS hosting companies. They surely can provide you with a quality service at a reasonable and affordable price.

These companies are truly tested and ranked as follows.