Beginner’s Guide on Voice Search in WordPress

Beginner’s Guide on Voice Search in WordPress

The search field is one of the key locations for any WordPress website. With it, both your new readers and current audiences can search for their target posts by entering the simple keywords. For the better utilization of this field, we even have already introduced some tips about how to improve WordPress search function. With the proper optimization, you can achieve the great browsing experiences for your visitors. This time, we’d like to introduce an alternative for search section optimization – enabling the voice search in WordPress.

Actually, the voice search is familiar for most of you, especially with the popularity of Siri, Cortana and Google Now. With this kind of searching tool, people can search something simply via speaking instead of texting. In this case, to add the voice search in your website, your readers can search anything easily especially when they land on your site using the smartphone or the tablet.

Make Use of the Voice Search Plugin

The easiest way to enable the voice search in your WordPress site is by utilizing the Voice Search plugin. This is a great tool that allows your readers to search among your website via their voice simply. It works well for the Chrome and Safari web browsers via both desktops and mobiles. To take the voice input, this plugin makes use of the web speed API.

After the installation of it, there is no configuration needed. You simply need to drag the default search widget into the sidebar. If you have already done this action, there is nothing you need to do. After saving the settings, the search box of your website can look like the following.

Voice Search

Now, when people use your search box, they can see a microphone icon available. After clicking that icon, the box will notify people to start talking. And then, people can say anything they want to search among your website effortlessly.

Two Special Tips to Use the Voice Search in WordPress

The adding of voice search is really easy. However, to maximize the benefits you can get, you’d better focus on the following two aspects.

Leverage the Long-Tail Keywords

The long-tail keyword means the short keyword phrase instead of the common keyword that only has a single word. Frankly speaking, people search in the different ways when using the text searching box and the voice search. When using the former one, most of them are more likely to enter the short keyword that is as simple as possible. But with the voice search, people tend to speak with the full and detailed queries.

In this case, the utilization of the long-tail keywords is the better way for people to target your posts in the shortest time. And when coming out the web content, you’d better leverage the power of long-tail keywords effectively.

Optimize the Blog Posts with the Instant Answers

To ensure the extra exposure of your web content when people use the voice search, you’d better optimize the titles of your blog posts with the instant answers to all the possible queries. For instance, you can optimize your post titles so as to have it address the query directly. Also, you can include the answers into the sub-headings so that the searching system can parse the content effectively.