Beginner Guide for Using Featured Image (Post Thumbnail) in WordPress

Beginner Guide for Using Featured Image (Post Thumbnail) in WordPress

All the bloggers want to entice their readers to keep them for a long time, with a view to increasing traffic and up the status of their blogs. There are lots of ways that have been advised to achieve this goal, and one of them is the use of WordPress featured image.

This is sometimes called posts thumbnail. It is easy to implement most of the methods for increasing traffic, and the featured image utilization is no of exception. Even newbies in the technical world can learn the simple steps of adding the featured image and start enjoying the difference in the traffic of their site. Alternatively, newbies even can get help from their web hosts to add and to configure the featured image.

In the following, we’d like to introduce how to use featured image manually.

What is a Featured Image?

Featured image or what is commonly known as post thumbnail is a theme feature on WordPress used by theme developers to allow users add a representative image on their posts, custom post and pages.

Though it is referred to as Post Thumbnail in many sites, it official name is Featured Image. Theme developers add a snippet into their functions.php file to support featured image on WordPress. They also include settings on how to configure the image uploaded in terms of size, style and layout. The settings also allow for turning the image ON or OFF.

Why Add Featured Image Manually?

Most people do not realize the importance of the featured image on their sites, and thus end up sidetracking the idea of adding it. In fact, one of the reasons why the feature has not been extensively used is the compatibility issue. Most WordPress themes have not been supporting this feature, making it hard for users to add a featured image even when they need it.

The common saying goes that a picture speaks a thousand words, and thus having it on your posts can woo more readers and retain your usual readers for increasing traffic to your site.

Add the WordPress Featured Image

add featuredDepending on the WordPress version and the theme you are using, your site may support or not support the feature. With the present template offering, most of the new WordPress themes support the feature, and this makes it easy to add and customize the featured image to your posts or your pages.

However, if the theme you use does not support this feature, the first step can be to enable the feature before you can add it. Follow the steps as below.

Enabling Support for the Featured Image in a Theme

You firstly need to use the code on your theme’s functions.php file as follows:

add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );

If you want to specify the kind of content you want the featured image for, use the code below. For instance, you may want to add the post thumbnail for movie and custom post types.

add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’, array( ‘post’, ‘page’ ) );

You can customize this further by selecting the category of posts that you want the featured image for or say you need thumbnails for a special category archive.

featured image wordpress code

You may also set the size of the images that you like for any of the posts categories on your blog. Use the code as below.

featured image wordpress code

You can also have a full sliding feature on the front page eliciting the need for a full page image. This can be set using this line of coding stuff.

featured image wordpress code

Adding the Featured Image

To add a featured image, you must be on your post edit page. While here, you can see a box for Featured Image with a link below it “Set Featured Image” on WordPress 3.0 and Post Thumbnail on WordPress 2.9.

set featured image

After deciding on an image, you can be directed to the WordPress image uploader, which is the normal one where you should upload your image from your computer. While uploading, ensure that the image is the same size or larger than the size you need the thumbnail to be. After uploading, click “Set Featured Image” for further processes.

set featured image

Here, you can enter the image to your post. After this, you can see the preview of the image, and insert it to your post like any other images.

Remove the Featured Image

If you are not satisfied with the featured image on your post, you can remove it with much ease by opening the post editor and clicking the link of Remove Featured Image.

Tips For Managing the WordPress Featured Image

To get the best form your featured image, you’d better ensure the following tips.

Select High Quality Image

featured image wordpress tipsYou should get an image that captures the attention on the readers but not just have an image that suits the post. Not many readers can be lured by a blurry image on your blog. To this end, ensure that the image is of high definition and can be viewed well on any type of browsers that your readers use.

Ensure that the Image is of Relations to Your Content

The image that you choose should not just be great and captivating, but should also speak to your readers about the content you intend to present to them before they can even read any sentence.

Focusing on the relevancy between your content and the featured image may have an effect on the interest of your readers to read on.

Ensure the Image is of the Right Size

Size is very important when you use a featured image. You may have a very large image that hinders your readers from accessing content on your blog or have a small image that does not captivate the readers.

You can resize the image as you wish during the adding process. The size you give to your image depends on the effect you want it to have and the amount of content on your post.