How to Use Twitter Hashtag to Better Increase Your Twitter Popularity

How to Use Twitter Hashtag to Better Increase Your Twitter Popularity

Once you get into the Twitter world, you can find some words or phrases prefixed with the symbol “#” in many tweets. They are called as Twitter hashtag, being able to connect different conversations into one group and helping users search for tweets with the same topic with ease. For instance, if you have the hashtag of “#wordpress” included in your tweet, then your words can be seen by any people who are searching for this term. Honestly speaking, this can enhance your chances to be known by Twitter users. And also, it can showcase your expertise to turn these people to your loyal followers, increasing follower base easily. In this case, if you use Twitter to promote your blog, you’d better follow up some tips in below concerning about how to use Twitter hashtag effectively.

Creating a hashtag is pretty easy. You don’t need any tool. The only thing you need to do is to create a simple text without worrying about the case issue. And then, you can put the “#” in front of the words with no spaces. To be frank, the process is not difficult, but if you want to maximize the function of hashtag, you need to learn some hashtag tips.

Pick Up Keywords Based on Industry or Niche

relatedNote that the Twitter hashtag needs to be used in a professional way, so you’d better keep it in a tight connection with your own niche. After all, people who are in the same industry as you are more likely to search for your hashtag, and this practice is the best way to get you found by other people. In addition, picking up the right keywords can highlight your expertise or the main point of your tweet with the best efficiency.

Focus on the Tending

It is a human nature that people are more interested in some hot issues than the old topics, so you have to keep your hashtag as popular as possible. Generally, the hot spots in Twitter are changing constantly. You can get them from the Trends section in Twitter website as the image showed in below.

twitter trends

Generally, these recommended trends are the tailored one based on your geographical location and the Twitter accounts that you are following. However, you can also stop the tailored trends and change to a new location according to your real targets. Without doubt, these options can give you some perfect inspirations on hashtag creation.

Besides this place, we’d also like to give you an alternative concerning about trending hashtag. This site can be regarded as a popular platform displaying a comprehensive collection of Twitter hashtag.

trending hashtag

Also, you can make use of the search box to analyze the popularity of your selected hashtag. Simply enter the keywords and click the search icon. Then, you can see an in-depth graphical chart of the hashtag.

trending hashtag chart

Keep the Hashtag New

The first two steps help you find out an industry-related, keyword-rich, and trending hashtag with ease. Now, you’d better make a search to figure out whether this hashtag is the newly-launched one or not. Generally, when people search for a keyword, they can have a long result list including all the tweets using this hashtag, meaning that your tweet might be vanished into the ocean. Even, people may find some other users who use the same hashtag as you do, distracting their attentions on you greatly.

To avoid this, you can visit this page to make a search. Simply type your hashtag in the blank box, and click the search button. If you find there are some other users who also use your hashtag, then you’d better consider another one to eliminate the possibility of searching distraction.

search for hashtag

Stick to Simplicity

Always bear in mind that you can only enter at most 140 characters into each tweet, so you have to keep your hashtag as simple and short as possible, otherwise you may be unable to finish your message in one tweet. In addition, as researched online, almost all the popular hashtags are generally some small ones that are easy to type and remember for Twitter users.

Embed the Hashtag Correctly

After choosing the best hashtag, now you can enter it into your tweet. Generally, it can be placed at any place you want within the tweet including the beginning, middle, and the ending. The only thing you need to pay attention is that the hashtag needs to be embedded naturally. Otherwise, the readability of your posts might be affected negatively, which is bad for your account.