How to Use Google Alerts to Better Track the Online Trend of Your Site Niche

How to Use Google Alerts to Better Track the Online Trend of Your Site Niche

When you blog online, you cannot just do all the things on your own. Instead, you have to listen around to learn how other people say about you and your industry. Especially, with the flourishing of the blogsphere, this practice is really important. In this case, here, we’d like to tell you how to use Google Alerts to better track the online trend of your site niche.

To put it simply, the tool of Google Alerts can be regarded as a notification and detection service for the content change. As it is offered by the main search engine of Google, you can always get the most updated information all the times.

What You Can Get from Google Alerts

In fact, once this special service finds some searching results or information that matches your searching requirements, it will send you the emails. For instance, it finds the blog posts that have the same topic as yours, the research you are looking for and the new blogs that are within your niche.

In general, you can get the following three main benefits from this Google service.

  • You can stay updated with your readers, visitors and clients of what they think about you. Frankly speaking, the constant monitoring of your online reputation is really critical. This way, you can know both the negative and positive opinions hold by them for your site. And then, yon can stick to the good ones and make the optimization to the bad ones.
  • In addition to your own site, you can also have an effective monitoring for your competitors. With the Google Alerts, you can quickly know whether they have released something new and have got any good customer reviews.
  • You have to be in touch with the industry trend. In this case, the Google Alerts will tell all the new things related to your niche and industry. Therefore, you can add anything new and update your website information timely.

Google Alerts

How to Use Google Alerts for Your Blog Site

As for the utilization of the Google Alerts, you only need to go through some simple steps. Here, you firstly need to move to the Google Alerts page after logging in your Google accounts.

To be frank, the overall interface is easy to handle. You only need to search for the term you are looking to monitor.

Alert Search

Here, we have three tips when entering the terms to be monitored.

  • You can enter the term of “”. This way, you can get all the new information related to your website, including people’s comments, feedback and suggestions.
  • You can search for the proper keywords of your main content. For, our keywords can be the “web host + review”.
  • You can also monitor the website domains of your competitors and the famous peer bloggers.

Set Up Some Options for the Google Alerts

After deciding the terms you are looking to monitor and search for, now, you can set up for them by clicking the Show Options button.

Google Alerts Options

Here, you should finish the following main settings.

  • You can get the alerts from Google once a week, once a day or at once when the new information is detected. Personally speaking, as you can monitor multiple terms, here, you can get the critical alerts as they happen and the less critical ones once per week. This way, you will not be overwhelmed.
  • Next, you can decide which information sources you are looking to monitor. In the most cases, you’d better choose the Automatic option.
  • Then, you need to choose the language for the web content you want to monitor. Also, you can check the content from a special region as you like.
  • Even, you can choose to be alerted with the results that Google regards as the best ones. Or, you can check all the results and filter the important ones on your own.
  • Lastly, you need to decide where the alerting information can be delivered. Here, you can choose to use your Gmail address to receive these Google alerts.

Have the Preview of Your Google Alerts

Before clicking the Create Alerts button, here, you need to preview your alerts. Luckily, this service will offer a preview section automatically to you. In this case, you can figure out whether the alerted content types are what you want.

If you are satisfied with the preview results, you can click the Create Alert button directly.

Alert Preview

Now, you can check, edit and delete your alerting terms from the My Alerts part.

My Alerts

In addition, there are some alert suggestions. You can check them by scrolling down this webpage. All of these suggestions are grouped and categorized properly with the great keywords. If you find any of them that can match the main content of your website, you can click the plus sign next to them to have them added into your alerting terms directly.

Now, once there are something new related to your monitoring terms, you can be noted via the email you have offered. From the monitoring results, you can get sufficient information of how to run your website in the later stage.