How to Use Emoji in WordPress

How to Use Emoji in WordPress

The emoji can be viewed as the ideogram in the webpages and the electronic messages. This special item is cute and funny. With it, you can effectively express your thoughts and feeling without the need to write down too many words. Even, people generally can get your points better after seeing the emoji. This is the main reason as for why the emoji is widely used in the Internet world. This time, we’d like to tell you how to use emoji in WordPress.

Here, we highly recommend you to make use of the WP Emoji One plugin. With it, you can feel easy to add the emoticons to your webpages and blog posts. Note that all of these emoticons are the open source ones. And now, the plugin developer has an exclusive Emoji Gallery that has more than 1800 options with 9 main categories. With this plugin, you can use all of these emoticons to add the better vividness to your web content. Also, there is no requirement for the codes utilization.

Decide the Basic Settings of This Plugin

In fact, there are no complicated settings you need to configure. Here, you simply need to click the Settings > WP Emoji One button from the admin panel after you install the plugin. Note that this plugin will display the button to add the emoticon on the default visual editor. In this case, you have the freedom to choose which row you are looking to display this special button.

By default, the plugin places the button in the first row of the visual editor toolbar.

WP Emoji One Settings

In the following part of the screen, you can get a general preview of all the emoticons you can add to your web contents.

Add and Display the Emoticons

Now, you can edit your blog post or the page that you are looking to insert the emoticons. Here, you should convert the editing screen to the visual editor. And then, you can find the newly added emoji button from the toolbar.

Emoji Button

After clicking it, you simply need to choose your wanted emoticons from the listed options. This plugin categorizes all of the available options into 7 main groups.

  • People and expression emoticons
  • Nature and animal emoticons
  • Food and drink emoticons
  • Celebration and heart emotions
  • Activity and sports emoticons
  • Travel and place emoticons
  • Objects and symbols emoticons

In addition to the exact emoticons, you can also choose the display size among the options of 16, 18, 24, 32 and 64.

WP Emoji Options

After clicking your preferred option, the corresponding emoticon will showcase on the editing screen directly. Now, you can click it to make the further changes if you want.

Change Emoticons

  • You can enlarge and reduce the emoticon size by dragging the 4 corners.
  • It can showcase by aligning left, aligning right, aligning center or even without the alignment.
  • You can link this emoticon to a special link if you want and decide to open the link in a new tab or not.

Now, you simply need to make the web content published online. And your visitors can check the added emoticons easily.