uCoz Review on Features and Website Management

uCoz Review on Features and Website Management

uCoz is a web management platform that facilitates the development of websites without having much knowledge about technical development. Developed and launched in 2005, this platform is used by thousands of web developers residing in six out of seven continents. The uCoz program has the capability of developing small, medium as well as well as large websites. It is preferred by tons of developers because it lets them establish a website quite easier than the technical procedure.

As researched among uCoz reviews, many developers state that uCoz is one of the most user-friendly programs available in the market for development of websites. In this uCoz review, various important features, advantages and disadvantages of the website building program have been discussed.


When it comes to the features, uCoz has many things in store, just like some other popular platforms including Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace. There are several templates, modules, widgets and gadgets that are offered along with the program to facilitate creativity in terms of design.

Apart from it, the website builder offers various things in the technical area. It is comprised of unlimited disk space, friendly community, complete control of the website, fast and simplified access to the website and technical support. Hence, a webmaster doesn’t need to worry about the amount of content because he can update anything he likes, thanks to unlimited disk space. Also, data backup is available so the risk of data loss is minimal.

One of the major turn-ons for website owners is the allowance of owning a domain name. The program assists in attaching a domain name to the website for free of cost.

Ease of Use

uCoz Ease of Use.jpgOne of the major factors taken into consideration at the time of choosing a development program is its user interface. When it comes to uCoz, the program offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and access by the webmasters. However, some believe that its control panel can further be simplified because the competitors have come up with an easier interface in recent updates. The absence of pure drag and drop editing environment is a major disadvantage of this program. On the positive side, uCoz has brought reason to make the webmasters smile by its latest offering, i.e. the WYSIWYG entry editor.


This section creates the major impact on the users of this website building software. Although the program sets up a website in some simple steps, it doesn’t bargains with the performance or customizability of the website. As a matter of fact, some developers have succeeded in building eye-soothing websites by using this program.

uCoz offers various templates that provide a suitable base for the design of the website. To be accurate, there are 250 default templates that can be used as per the niche and the content of the website. In addition, there are a total of 22 modules that facilitates customization in the website. The administrator can also install several plugins to enhance the functions and performance of the site.

Also, this program has thousands of widgets and gadgets that can be customized in accordance to the content of the page. The widgets include social media icons that let the visitors share the page on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


uCoz SupportThe genuineness of every company is measured by its customer support features. When it comes to the support provided by uCoz, things can be great. This program supports 16 languages that include some of the most commonly used languages like English, Russian, French, German, Arabic, Romanian and Spanish. Apart from it, developers can clarify their queries by contacting the professionals of uCoz through emails and the community forum. Video tutorials and step-by-step guides of some commonly asked questions have been made and updated on the internet so that developers can resolve common doubts conveniently.


There are several paid versions and a free version of this website building program. The free version consists of all basic features with limited disc space. However, this version involves advertisement that can only be removed if the website is not-for-profit. The paid version ranges from $3.09 to $10.99 depending upon the features availed. Whatever the pricing plan is, a website can use its previously owned domain name for free.


uCoz DisadvantagesIt takes a lot of time and efforts to make a program flawless. Being developed in 2005, uCoz contains several things that are not appreciated by the users. The major disadvantage of this program is the presence of advertisements in its free version.

There is no scope to remove the advertisement from the website, unless the website is for a charitable cause. Apart from it, some developers state that the templates and other designing features should be frequently updated. Also, some developers expect a better interface and control panel.


Although uCoz can be regarded as a powerful program for the development of websites, the program faces stiff competition from some other programs like Weebly. It is worth discussing in this uCoz review that the program is preferred by many newbie developers, but the experienced ones choose Weebly because the latter has a self-hosted version that can be used in a deverloper-friendly web hosting environment. For a self-hosted Weebly solution, the best web hosting packages below are recommended for their rich development features and ease of use.