Tumblr VS WordPress on Blogging Targets, Usability & Some Other Aspects

Tumblr VS WordPress on Blogging Targets, Usability & Some Other Aspects

Building a blog sets out from choosing a blogging platform among a vast majority of choices that include WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger and so on. Due to a good deal of similarities shared by these platforms, some blogging green hands are entangled with the option to pick one among them.

To help you get out of this quandary, we write this comprehensive comparison between Tumblr and WordPress with a careful eye to their price, usability, customizability and contributions in social networking. In addition, if you are concerned about the contrast between other platforms, please refer to these posts including WordPress VS SquareSpace, WordPress VS Blogger and TypePad VS WordPress.

Tumblr VS WordPress > Overall Ratings Contrast

Both these platforms win tremendous recognition and favor from their users on account of the performance, security, plugins and themes, etc. To show more detailed information, we have made the following table where you can see clear ratings.

Features Tumblr WordPress
Mobiles Yes Yes
Themes 1000+ 30,000+
Plugins 10+ 25,000+
Performance rating 4 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Security rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Community rating 4.5 of 5 rating 5 of 5

Tumblr VS WordPress > How About the Price?

Since the price is unvaryingly the top consideration, initially, we make a contrast of their price. In practice, both of them are free of charge. To be specific, Tumblr is available being free while premium themes for it may cost ranging from $19 to $49. With regard to WordPress, you are offered with two choices consisting of WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For those webmasters who are confusing about them, please refer to this post.

WordPress.com allows you to create a free blog and WordPress.org enables you to download this project directly and freely on its official website. Moreover, there are hundreds of free themes and plugins that are free to be downloaded. If you require more customizability and flexibility, then we suggest purchasing Premium WordPress Themes.

Conclusion: both Tumblr and WordPress are free.

Tumblr VS WordPress > Which One Is Ease to Use?

tumblr vs wordpress in ease to useWhen it comes to user-friendliness, both these two platforms are commendable. It is quite worry-free to build a blog by getting start on Tumblr of which the process is simple without any requirements to complete installation and settings.

Similarly, WordPress is simple to handle with although it may costs few minutes to finish the download and installation. Moreover, in the market, there are innumerable companies providing WordPress hosting featuring 1-click installers with which bloggers enjoy the capability to achieve simplification in installing and managing hundreds of applications.

Conclusion: both Tumblr and WordPress are easy to use.

Tumblr VS WordPress > Which One Features More Customizability?

In this point, undoubtedly, WordPress is the winner because its competitor only comes with the customizability in terms of the colors because Tumblr includes 1000+ themes as well as 10+ plugins in total. Hence, if you need more extensions to administrate and beautify websites, then extra fees are charged.

On the contrary, WordPress greatly relieves this worry by coming with 30,000+ themes and 25,000+ plugins. With the help of these extensions, you are enabled to customize the layouts, appearance, content and colors, etc.

Conclusion: WordPress is the winner in customizability.

Tumblr VS WordPress > What Can They Do in Social Networking?

tumblr vs wordpress in social networkingIn this respect, both of them make great contributions in social networking. To be exact, Tumblr boasts an active community where you are able to search the sites according to your interests. What is more, it is integrated with widgets with which you can be linked to other social networks.

In like manner, using WordPress, you are to share posts and pages with others through adding social sharing plugins integrating with social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and so forth.

Conclusion: both Tumblr and WordPress do a great job in social networking.

Summary > WordPress Is the Winner

To make a long story short, WordPress offers much more possibility to build highly flexible and customizable blogs although Tumblr also makes contributions in its own unique way. If you make up your mind to choose WordPress, the web hosting companies in the following table deserve a shot. Please have a check to get more details.