The Truth About Unlimited Web Hosting Service

The Truth About Unlimited Web Hosting Service

As the web hosting industry has become more and more competitive, you may find a lot of marketing tactics offered by web hosts, and “unlimited web hosting service” is the most over used one. However, do they really provide you an unlimited hosting? In this article, our editors have revealed the secrets of the unlimited plans in a comprehensive and in-depth manner, and you can find the answers in the following parts.

The main elements of any web hosting plan are disk space and bandwidth. You need disk space to store your websites and bandwidth to transfer data. Thus, the unlimited web hosting mainly refer to an unlimited volume of disk storage and bandwidth. Some other web hosts even claim to offer unlimited domain hosting, unlimited add on / parked domains, unlimited databases, unlimited email addresses, and more.

How Does Unlimited Web Hosting Exist?

The unlimited web hosting seems to provide you an opportunity to host a website which is as large and complex as you want, without the threat of sudden suspense or hidden charges for excessive resource usages. In reality, however, unlimited hosting plans are often restricted by different limitations and rules; after all, it is impossible for a web host to offer infinite server resources in this physical world. In this circumstance, how do unlimited plans exist?

In fact, many webmasters only need a small volume of bandwidth and disk space to host their websites. Therefore, web hosts know that they can offer ‘unlimited’ service because their large hosting capacity would never be achieved by a website. Besides, as customers can never consume all of the resources they are entitled to, the unlimited web hosting companies, therefore, have the ability to sell the unused resources to others.

Is Unlimited Web Hosting a Good Option?

Whether choosing an unlimited web hosting totally depends on your needs. If your website is small, and do not consume too much RAM and CPU, then the unlimited hosting is a good choice. After all, you can get an ample amount of resources, as well as a cheap price credited to the overselling practice. However, if you want your website to be popular with a lot of sites visitors, downloads, then you may encounter some problems with an unlimited plan, such as a sudden shutdown for the over-consumption of servers resources.

How to Deal With the Unlimited Hosting?

Now, you may be wondering whether the unlimited hosting worth trying. The answer is YES.

It is true that the unlimited web hosts have cheated on you to some extent, but it does not mean that their hosting solution is of bad quality. Instead, many of them can guarantee you a great hosting performance with rich features.

In this case, when encountering an unlimited web host, you can follow the below steps.

  • Make sure that you are going to set up a small site that does not consume too many resources.
  • Ensure that the selected web host is reliable, fast and rich-featured, offering responsive technical support.
  • Contact the support staff to figure out the exact allocation of storage and bandwidth. Reliable web hosts are glad to share you the information. If they refuse to tell you, simply remove them from your ideal list.

Choose a Truly Unlimited Hosting Solution from a Reputable Host

Although claiming to offer an unlimited hosting plan can seem dishonest, it does not mean that the hosting company will not provide a good service. There are many shared hosting companies who provide exceptional unlimited hosting services with no hidden charges, such as InMotion, BlueHost and HostMonster. We recommend them not only because the unlimited hosting plan is affordable, reliable, and rich-featured, but also because these web hosts are very honest and transparent about what they really mean by “unlimited.”

Some Tips When Choosing the Unlimited Web Hosting

If you want to try other unlimited hosting solutions than our recommended options, you can choose one based on the following tips on your own.

  • Affordable hosting prices – Only web hosting will claim to provide the unlimited hosting solution. And the average price of web hosting is around $7/mo. In this case, when selecting an unlimited hosting package, you’d better consider the one that charges you ranging from $3/mo to $10/mo. Options below that range may give the poor service while options above that range can be costly.
  • Rich features – From setting up your website to the easy management, you have to make sure that the package you choose has all the features and tools needed to achieve this goal. These include the website builder, script installer, cPanel control panel, backup service, migration service and many more.
  • Safe and security – For the safe environment of website running, the hosting provider must offer SSL, SSH, configured advanced service with firewall, scam scanning service and many other technologies for the aspect of security.
  • Flexibility and possibility – You should be able to start any kind of website with your preferred web host. In this case, the compatibility for any script must be ensured with the company, such as WordPress for blog sites, PrestaShop for e-commerce sites and vBulletin for forums.
  • Technical support – This is a core aspect when choosing a hosting solution. In addition to the 24/7 availability, the professionalism of the support staffs is also essential.
  • Speed and uptime – These two aspects decide whether you are using a truly quality hosting solution. After all, only the fast and reliable hosting solution is worth using.