Top 5 Tips to Improve the Readership of Your Blog

Top 5 Tips to Improve the Readership of Your Blog

How to improve the readership of blogs? This might be the common question imbued in every bloggers’ mind. After all, the blogosphere is a big and competitive world with numerous blogs available, so attracting readers to read your content is not a simple task. In this article, therefore, our editors have introduced the top 5 tips used to attract potential visitors and maintain a solid readership with your existing readers.

Tip 1: Create Quality and Keyword-Relevant Contents

When creating the blog posts, you need to bear 2 things into your mind: how to make people feel interested in what you have written, and how to make your content be SEO friendly thus readers can easily find it in the searching results.

For Readers

Blog visitors come to read your post only when the content can grab their attention, so you need to identify what your readers want and then cater to their interests. You can share your real stories to express the explicit opinion of a social issue, utilize the knowledge you acquired from school to resolve a practical problems, or record your touring to recommend some worth trying hotels and restaurants. Just write what people like.

If you need more information about blog content creation, simply read How to Write an Eye-catching Blog Post .

For Search Engines

To increase the number of your blog visitors, one of the easiest ways is increasing your search engine visibility. In other words, the more SEO friendly your content is, the higher ranking in search engines it has. Generally, people do not click through the posts placed after the third pages of the whole searching results. So, how to make the blog posts rank well? Here are some tips.

  • Choose hot topics by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • Create a keyword-rich title.
  • Include keywords in sub-headline.
  • Utilize SEO plugins.

Tip 2: Update the Blog Constantly

Always remember that both people and search engines enjoy fresh content nowadays, so if you fail to add new content at a frequent and regular interval, you may lose the site ranking in search engines as well as the number of subscribers.

In fact, you don’t need to refresh your blog every day, especially when you are submerged with some other works. According to our research, the perfect update frequency is 3 new posts each week, which is very easy for anyone to accomplish.

Besides, the easiest way to keep updating is developing a series of articles just like soap opera. You can ideally break down a long article into segments, and publish each part regularly. This practice actually give readers a strong reason to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Tip 3: Utilize Social Networking

In addition to improve the search engine optimization of your blog, you can also utilize the social networking platforms to drive more traffic, such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

All you need to do is registering a new account of these social media, increasing the number of your followers, and then publishing the new information about your blog site. Thus, people who are interested in your topics will visit your blog automatically.

However, you cannot do this without any skills, as there are so many people using social networking to promote their blog sites, so the competition is fierce. If you have no idea how to do this skillfully, just read the following 3 articles to learn some useful methods

Tip 4: Build Relations with Readers

Smart bloggers will never forget interacting with their existing readers while increase the number of new blog visitors. The loyal readers are the great source to gain valuable feedback to refine your blog, such as the design is not very eye-catching, the navigation bar is not user friendly, the topic is outdated, or the content is not interesting enough. Therefore, you need to keep your comment section open to the public, and filter useful advice to grow your blog site.

Tip 5: Choose Reliable Blogging Host

The page loading speed and uptime can greatly influence the satisfaction level of your visitors, so you have to choose a reliable blogging hosting company which guarantees you a swift webpage loading and at least 99.9% uptime. Besides, a good blogging host should also support the most widely used blog tool – WordPress and 1-click auto installer to install this software. If you are a newbie who build your blog for the first time, then you’d better choose a web host which offers you a responsive customer support day and night.

After reviewed hundreds of hosting companies on the web, we finally decide to recommend BlueHost which sets price starting from $2.95/mo. This company not only meets all the above mentioned requirements, but also offers up to $150 free advertising credits for you to promote your blog site. So you can enjoy a satisfactory blogging experience without costing too much.