Top PHP Frameworks Making It Easy to Develop Web Applications

Top PHP Frameworks Making It Easy to Develop Web Applications

It is easy to make an app if you have a clear structure which enables you to stay organized and focused on the process. Many developers thus pick a framework and stay on it until the end without being debauched from the course by new ones. However, some developers see the need to branch to new ones and may not know the best frameworks to go to. Here, knowledge on PHP frameworks comes handy.

Frameworks assist developers to structure their code to the app, and have existed for long, but people only started using them after the rise of Ruby on Rails. They use MVC (model-view-controller) which means that they make calls upon the correct logic following the rules set by the user to make an app. Having known that, which are the best PHP frameworks?

Symfony PHP Framework

SymfonyThe framework is supported by SensioLabs. SensioLabs is known by the fact that they have been in the web development industry for more than 13 years garnering great experience in making the best.

The debugging toolbar and the profiler applied by Symfony place them among the best. The Symfony framework is customizable and gives you the advantage of selecting software components already in your project for use. This makes it easy for use by any developer.

The framework only takes two writing folders, meaning that it is light enough to be configured to any security level that the developers want for their app.

For the system admin, Symfony integrates well with Varnish and other HTTP accelerators, and you can configure with the click of a button at any chosen database. This adds to the benefits of using the site even for those who are learning PHP.

Zend Framework

ZendIf you are a business site developer, then Zend is the best framework for you. The enterprise app supported by Zend is favoured by individuals and business people all around the world. The framework offers various tools that enhance the development process, for instance, the PHP flavour by Zend, which has a close relation with open source. The custom server on Zend allows you to start looking at your apps instantly and reduces the configurations in different platforms.

Zend studio is an additional advantage besides the above mentioned. It allows you to take full advantage of the features of the framework through a well-integrated environment.

However, the great features come at a price. Individual developers complain the framework is pricy and may exceed their budget. However, it is one of the best frameworks in the industry today if you can afford.


CodeIgniterIf you are looking for a light PHP framework, this is the framework you should go for. It makes your app development process fast and is one of the top PHP frameworks in the market today.

The framework has been designed for speed and thus those looking forward to building their apps within the shortest time possible should try CodeIgniter. The latest version can be downloaded from Github. You can also download a user manual as you download the framework to get started.

CodeIgniter is a product of EllisLab, a company that has been in the industry for a long time and has developed great frameworks.

CodeIgniter is a great framework for freelancers, large companies and small businesses alike. The support to the users comes in the form of live chat, getting users the information they need fast to enhance the app development process.

Fuel Framework

FuelThis is like a combination of the earlier PHP frameworks to make an ultimate framework for all usage. It gives the older versions of PHP frameworks with a fresh approach. It is community based meaning that the users will find enthusiasm in the forums and chats. The active maintenance of the Fuel documentation makes Fuel one of the best frameworks.

The framework has been adding on new features ensuring that it stays at the forefront of the app development technology. A good new feature is the presentation models.

The presentation models on Fuel give the developers flexibility to get a web app instantly operating like a scalpel. It is a layer between the view and the controller. The feature comes handy when the user wants to take full advantage of the HTML5 features and make maximum use of them. It allows those who have a passion for coding and those who have just learned coding to contribute to the future versions of Fuel PHP.

Yii Framework

YiiYii is one of the most celebrated frameworks. It is a quick and lively framework that comes handy for social applications developers. It handles SQL injection, input validation and other security tasks that the users specify and those that are essential for every app created today.

It relates to Symfony in some aspects including the plugin architecture, filter design and additional features such as logging and error handling for your app. It is a great framework for cross platform development. If you are thus moving some code that have relied on Zend and PEAR framework, you will like Yii.

Laravel Framework

LaravelLaravel is another great PHP framework that allows you to use simple closures to respond to application requests. It integrates well with SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, and SQLite. This enables you to command your data from the app.

It is light weight and enables you to use PHP or Blade templates engine. It is perfect for all job sizes and thus you can build applications for huge enterprises or JSON APIs. The framework has been built from several Symfony components making it reliable. You can manage your third party packages using the composer tool that allows you to find and use packages and Packagist in seconds.

The PHP forum offered by Laravel is a great platform for developers to share ideas irrespective of the level of knowledge in app development. It is easy to test the app by running the tests with PHPUnit.