Top 5 Open Source PHP Image Gallery Scripts

Top 5 Open Source PHP Image Gallery Scripts

In recent years, PHP image gallery is growing increasingly popular, because this kind of software enables users to easily publish pictures to websites in a coherent way. Since there are countless image galleries available, it is not that easy to spot one that of high quality. To help our readers unravel the mystery, we have worked out the top 5 options as following.

After our real using experience, the PHP image gallery scripts introduced in below are highlighted for awesome features and user-friendliness. They include Gallery, Piwigo, Coppermine, ZenPhoto, and TinyWebGallery. In the following, we further show you their advantages in the management of photos.



Gallery is an open source photo album organizer which offers an intuitive way to seamlessly display photos on websites including small personal websites and large community sites. As one of the most widely used software of its sort, Gallery is serving millions websites worldwide so far.

Rated 4.261 out of 5 stars at, Gallery boasts various merits. It supports ImageMagick, NetPBM, GD, GraphicsMagick etc. and 30+ languages. Using this software, users are enabled to display multifarious photos including Gallery-wide slideshow, albums, mirroring albums, fit-to-Windows images, full or resized images and so forth.



As a free and open source photo gallery with great extension, Piwigo offers its users customizability. With this software, users are able to upload, organize, and describe their photos with the least time and endeavor. Besides, users are endowed with the photos’ privacy by setting permission on albums and photos for groups or individual users. For visitors, they are allowed to post comments, mark photos as favorite, give ratings, perform search and get notified of news via email or RSS feed.

Piwigo receives 4.66 out of 5 stars for it is highlighted for the following features.

  • Automatic slideshow and easy installation & upgrades.
  • EXIF/IPTC metadata that fills the properties of photos including title and tags.
  • Meaningful URLs that includes tag/category/photo names for search engine optimization.
  • Capability to add HTML pages with Additional Pages plugin.
  • Photos can be browsed in a map with RV Maps & Earth plugin.



As a multi-purpose and fully-featured image gallery, Coppermine is also an integrated web picture gallery script, which is written in PHP. This PHP image gallery offers tremendous practicability through the adoption of GD or ImageMagick serving as image library with a MySQL backend. Using Coppermine, users are capable of enjoying the following convenience.

  • Store pictures information in database.
  • Us web interface or FTP to upload pictures.
  • Arrange pictures in categories and album.
  • Password-protected albums.
  • Caption, title, description, and user defined fields for each picture.
  • BBS integration settable with a wizard-like user interface.
    • ZenPhoto


      This is a wonderful solution for an online gallery that offers all the functionality and features users may require. ZenPhoto hits for its philosophy: simpler is better. So this software is noted for its simple style and innovations.

      With ZenPhoto, users can realize both internationalization and localization for their photos because it supports multi-lingual titles and descriptions. Besides, images can be uploaded via FTP or via the admin interface. Another highlighted feature is video support including Flash Video (.flv), MPEG4 (.mp4), Quicktime (.mov) and 3GP (.3gp). In below we have showed more advanced features.

      • Automatically generated thumbnails, custom crops and sized-down images.
      • Cruft free, search engine friendly URLs with mod_rewrite.
      • EXIF and IPTC support.
      • Audio support for MP3.



      Being very easy to be installed and incredibly user-friendly, TinyWebGallery is a free photo and album gallery based on PHP, which can be quickly configured for a individual and professional websites. It features AJAX+ Flash navigation with sliding image thumbnails so that the images and photos can be displayed in an appealing fashion. More than that, it possesses some other awesome features as following.

      • XML based : no database are needed.
      • 3 different types of slideshow.
      • Watermarks for text and image.
      • TWG Admin to upload/manage images, manage users, color manager, configuration of TWC.


      In above comprehensive descriptions, we have showed top 5 PHP-based image galleries, which are highlighted for their rich and fantastic features. Based on our real using experience and hundreds of comments from verified customers, we have figured out a collection of recommendable companies in the following chart that fully support these applications, provide 1-click installation for them, and offer a large amount of resources.