Top 5 Tips for Building Up a Successful Business Website

Top 5 Tips for Building Up a Successful Business Website

While having an online presence has become more and more important for business of any size, we have introduced 5 tips on how to start a business site successfully. In fact, setting up a website is pretty easy. You only need to choose a reliable web hosting company and a user-friendly website building tool, and then everything can be done within minutes. However, the website used to present your products, brand, or company is totally different from the one used to record your daily life, share your ideas, or vent your feelings. So in the following parts, we have listed some useful tips which are worth bearing in mind.

Tip 1: Select the Best Business Hosting Service

Many businessmen have already realized the importance of web host selection, but only a few of them know how to do this properly. The majority of these people simply choose cheap web hosting to save budget, but end up getting a low quality service. Some other people purchase very expensive hosting solution, but only need a third of all the features included in the package. In fact, the ideal web hosting should not only be affordable, but also be able to offer swift webpage loading, no downtime guarantee, all the latest advanced features, and premium technical support. While it is time and energy consuming to find such a web host among thousands of companies on the web, you can simply try the following web hosts which have been recommended and used by millions of business owners all over the world.

Tip 2: Choose a Professional Theme or Template

Always remember that the design of your website is the first thing seen by your readers. We have found that many business websites have really appealing content, but the overall appearances are disappointing, with chaotic layout, low color contrast between words and background, strange fonts, and difficult-to-use navigation. Generally, people will leave your site immediately if they feel this website is unprofessional and unattractive, so you have to give them an excellent first impression to induce them reading your detailed content. To achieve this, you can select a business-oriented theme, which can automatically order everything of your site in a way that allows you to speak out the authority and power in your niche.

Among countless business themes available online, we highly recommend Foxy. It is a sleek and responsive WordPress theme designed by Elegant, featuring everything needed to show your business online. Foxy achieves a harmonious balance of simple design and rich features, so you can show your company thoroughly with clean and structured layout.

WordPress Theme

Tip 3: Have a Blog in Your Business Site

Having a blog in your business site plays an important role in improving the SEO friendliness of your website. While search engines regard the keyword relevancy as the main principal of their algorithm, you can insert the keywords or related expressions of your products or company brand into the blog posts, thus naturally increase your rankings on the searching results. Besides, according to our investigations, once people find something meaningful or attractive in your blog, they will likely to check out your official site for some detailed information.

Tip 4: Website Performance

The webpage loading and uptime will affect the success and popularity of your business site directly. Generally, if your website takes more than 7 seconds to load or is inaccessible for more than 5 times each month, people will have little confidence on what you have said. After all, you are unable to guarantee a smooth website viewing experience, let alone the quality products or services.

In fact, our recommend web hosts can guarantee you fast page loading speed which is less than 1 second averagely and at least 99.9% uptime, but if you want some further speeding up practices, take a look at the following tips:

  • Optimize images before uploading them
  • Use browser caching
  • Combine images into CSS sprites
  • Uninstall unnecessary plugins
  • Leverage the power of CDNs
  • Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Tip 5: Informative Content

Unlike personal blog where you can write down anything you like, the content of a business website should be professional, objective, and informative. For instance, you can write the detailed introduction of your products, company history, branding concept, and contact information. Remember that every word in the article should be highly related to your business.