Top 5 Reasons Why a Personal Blog is Important for a New College Student?

Top 5 Reasons Why a Personal Blog is Important for a New College Student?

There is no need to emphasize the importance of publishing content on a personal blog in this digital world, especially for businessman and professional online writers. After all, blog is a perfect place for them to advertise their products and services, build brand awareness, collect readers’ feedback, and gather some critical information of their competitors.

But how about new college students? As all the freshmen are going to their colleges in only a couple of days, should they set up a personal blog at present? In fact, we highly recommend these students building a blog immediately, and we have presented the reasons in following parts.

Personal Blog is Helpful to Finance College Life

Almost every new college student has considered whether to take a part time job or not. Because they feel they are mature enough to become financially independent, and some students even feel ashamed to continue asking pocket money or living expenses from their parents. However, the part time job is a not a good idea for financing college life, as it takes too much time and energy, and will affect school work to the largest extent.

But setting up a personal blog to earn money is totally different. You are not enforced to arrive at the pizza shop, for example, at 9 am every weekend, sacrifice your resting time to deliver pizza all the day, but only earn a few dollars which even cannot cover your monthly utilities. Also, you don’t need to hand out the piles of leaflets in a hot Saturday, enduring your sweaty clothing and keeping smiling on the street like a clown.

Financing your college life with a personal blog is very effortless and easy. You only need to do 2 things: deciding an appropriate money making method that suits you best, and then keep operating your blog constantly and regularly.

We have previously listed many useful methods of How College Students can Make Money by Blogging, so if you do not how to start this, simply go to this article for some recommendations.

Personal Blog is Helpful to Build Reputation and Visibility

Joining in the best community of your college or holding a post in Student Union might be the prior target when you are in the first year of your college life. But how can you achieve this goal while there are so many excellent and talented classmates around with the same goal as you? In fact, these college organizations more prefer new college students who have high personal reputation and visibility. So how can you build your reputation and visibility? Simply by setting up a personal blog.

Your personal blog is a great platform to show your strong points and experts to the world. You can record your daily activity with meaning experiences, express your own thoughts about a particular event, post some articles describing scenery along your touring, resolve problems with the knowledge learned at college, and any other thing that can make people remember you. Note that once you are well known among a large number of people, chances will come to you automatically.

If you need more information to build reputation and visibility by blogging, simply read these 4 tips , which are helpful for you to have a good online reputation and visibility by blogging.

Personal Blog is Helpful for Job-Hunting

If you think you are just a freshman, so there is no need to consider the job hunting right now, then you are totally wrong. As estimated, there are almost 7 million college graduates this year, with an increase of 1.9 million of 2012, meaning that these students are facing severe employment pressure, and the level of this pressure is soaring constantly and dramatically.

In this circumstance, you have to prepare for your job hunting as early as possible. And we suggest you starting your preparation since the freshman year, with a positive and popular personal blog. Besides, if you have a popular blog with positive and meaningful contents, then you are more likely to get the job than those who only have less exceptional CV.

Personal Blog is Helpful to Expand the Social Reach

Your personal blog is a discussion or informational site published online, meaning that you can acquaint with a lot of people coming from different geographical locations. These people will get familiar with you by reading your post, and you will meet new friends by interacting with your readers in the comment section. Note that the number and quality of contacts have been regarded as the determining factors of a successful life, and the personal blog enables you to accumulate a large number of useful contacts all over the world.

Personal Blog is Helpful to Maintain Good Living Habit

In order to retain the popularity of your personal blog, you have to keep updating the content regularly and frequently, otherwise people will not come back frequently. Once you were used to refreshing your blog frequently, it will be very easy to keep excising every day, eating in time, resting enough, and attending classes punctually.


Based on the above mentioned 5 reasons, having a personal blog is undoubtedly important for every new college student. But how to build one? In fact, the key process of having a successful personal blog is to choose a right blogging web host, which will offer you all the tools and software needed to build a blog site easily, a perfect hosting experience with at least 99.9% uptime and swift page loading speed, responsive support team available to address your problems 24/7, as well as the budget-friendly pricing to ease the college students’ financial burden.

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