Top 5 Free Web Hosting – Secret Fully Unveiled

Top 5 Free Web Hosting – Secret Fully Unveiled

As we know, the web hosting services can be either free or paid, and of course the free one is more attractive as you do not need to spend even one penny on it. However, does it meet all your demands? The answer is definitely NOT.

To help you get a clear understanding of free web hosting services, in this article, our editors have selected the top 5 free web hosting providers, and unveiled some secrets of their hosting services.

Top 5 Free Web Hosts

Fortune City

Fortune City is the leading free web hosts in the market, providing a cost-free and advertising-supported web hosting service with full FTP, 100MB disk storage, free blog and site builders, and online file management. To be honest, this web host is an ideal option for the first-time webmasters, as it offers a simple, template-based builder which is easy to use and fully customizable. This type of URL is less professional and more difficult to remember than a standard URL. That is why the majority of websites hosted with this company normally don’t get a high ranking on the search engines.


Heliohost is a rich-featured free web hosting company, which offers almost all the typical features, such as cPanel, Apache, PHP, ruby on rails, Java/JSP, SSL, remote MySQL, advanced DNS manager, and more. But how can they afford to offer such a large number of features at no cost? By putting advertisements, of course. Therefore, once sign up with this web host, customers will surely have to come across tremendous banners and pop-ups flashing on their website. This is quite annoying, and will irritate the site visitors, so customers may lose their valuable website traffic.


This web host offers professional and absolutely free hosting services with 200 MB of disk space and 4000 MB of data transfer each month. Some of the main features included in the hosting packages are PHP, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Flash support, Pop3/Imap, SMTP access, Webmail, FTP Account, Web-based file manager, Online File manager, Front page, etc. Moreover, it provides 5 short domain names like, which is more SEO friendly than the domain offered by many other free web hosts. However, the support system offered by this web host is not helpful at all, so customers cannot be sure of getting the necessary help in cases they have some problems or questions to ask. We have sent them an e-mail asking about domain transfer, and get the reply after 1 day with a very complicated and unprofessional answer. Besides, FreeHostingEU does not provide phone call support which is available at most web hosts in the market. provides eco-friendly free web hosting services with some advanced technologies like PHP5, MySQL5, CGI databases, Ruby on rail, and more. It offers a number of free domain names included with each free hosting package, which is a huge benefit for customers. However, the major drawback of this web host is that customers with have less security than with a paid web host. Generally, some security tools must be provided by the hosting companies to ensure complete protection to customers’ websites and applications, but this sort of security feature is limited when it comes to as compared to paid alternatives. Besides, as there are too many advertisements being placed in customers’ websites, the chances of being spammed and hacked are always high.


Serversfree provides professional free hosting servers with many attractive features like 100GB of bandwidth, 10GB of disk space, PHP, MySQL, Custom Cron jobs, .htaccess support, FTP, cPanel, etc. Besides, it offers easy to use website builder, with which customers can create their websites on the free servers in minutes, without any coding or design knowledge. Even an elementary student can build websites like a PRO. However, websites hosted with this company can hardly have a good online performance. ServersFree does not have any limit on the number of customers sharing the server, so this will make the server be crowded with many websites, and once there is a problem in one of the websites on the server, it will create a negative impact on all other websites. That’s the main reason why many ServersFree customers encounter frequent website downtime and slowness.

The Better Choices

To be honest, free web hosts may be ideal for you if you’re practicing your webmaster skills, but if you are looking to have a worthy web presence, it’s a good idea to pay for reliable and cheap web hosting services, such as BlueHost, WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting.


BlueHost is undoubtedly one of the leading web hosts worldwide. Founded in 1996, it has a long track record in offering fast and reliable hosting services. The company sets the price starting at $2.95/mo for visitors going through this exclusive link. Moreover, with the anytime money back guarantee, customers are totally risk-free and worry-free to sign up a long term billing circle. With the 3-year plan, customers can save as high as $108.

In terms of hosting performance, BlueHost guarantees a 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed by leveraging the power of the self-built datacenter, 100% Dell servers, and the latest advanced technologies like CPU Segregation Technology and Resource Protection.


WebHostingHub has been recommended as the best cheap web host for over 10 years. By paying starting at just $1.95 for the first three months through this promotional link, customers can get a free domain name, powerful cPanel, Cloudflare CDN, Softaculous Script Installer, as well as a large volume of server resources and unlimited databases.

Besides, WebHostingHub customers never need to worry about their website online performance, as the uptime is guaranteed to 99.9%, and server response time is as fast as 399 ms averagely. In addition, WebHostingHub also pays attention to the customer service. It hires 200+ professional and experienced support representatives who are accessible 24/7 to resolve customers’ problems. Customers can contact them via phone call, live chat and email.


InMotionInMotion is a large web hosting company with with one single data center powering customers’ websites. It has three web hosting plans that has been priced from $3.49/mo for visitors subscribing through this promotional link.

Their hosting includes almost all the latest cutting-edge technologies on Linux platform, such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth, powerful control panel, CGI, PHP 5, and more. Besides, in order to ensure maximum uptime and swift hosting speed, InMotion only uses quality servers from Dell.

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Why Not Choose the Free Web Hosting

Based on our personal hosting experiences and the suggestions collected from many experts, we do not recommend you to choose the free web hosting solution. In the following, we’d like to list some reasons as why you’d better not to do so.

You May Cannot Own Your Website

It is possible that the free hosting does not give you the full ownership of your website. If so, you have no control over its online presence and the web host can take away or remove your site without any reason.

The Lack of Security

Generally, the free web host requires you to share your server machines with a large sum of webmasters. This means your site is open to the potential vulnerabilities and security issues that are caused by the mishandling of these neighboring people.

Limited Server resources

The allocation of disk storage decides how many items and contents you can upload to your site. The volume of monthly bandwidth determines the maximum traffic you can afford for each month. As the server sources of a single server machine are fixed, your allocation can be limited to a large extent with the free hosting, for you need to share these resources with plenty of webmasters. Even, some of them may carry out the overconsumption to deal with their traffic spikes.

Poor Hosting Performance and Frequent Downtime

These two aspects are largely influenced by the web servers and data centers. However, in order to save budgets, many free web hosts may adopt the bad-quality options that can do no good to the hosting speed and uptime.

Bad Technical Support

Never expect the responsive and effective technical support from the free hosting providers. It is true that some of them claim to ensure the 24/7 service with the prompt reply, but the truth is generally on the contrary.