Top 5 Drupal Social Networking Modules for Bloggers

Top 5 Drupal Social Networking Modules for Bloggers

This article mainly introduces the top 5 Drupal modules for social networking, with which you can effectively and easily share your content on the Internet, and promote your website for more traffic.

Drupal is a free and open source content management platform. It is developed and maintained by Drupal community of more than 630,000 users and developers, and contains all the features of CMS like user account management, RSS feeds, webpage layout customization, and system administration, etc. At present, it has powered at least 2.1% of websites all over the world, ranging from personal blogs to large corporation portals.

One of the main reasons why Drupal can be so popular is that it has a large collection of pre-configured distributions (more than 22,900 as of August 2013), known as contributed modules, available for extending the core capabilities and adding new functions of any Drupal powered websites. Nowadays, after our editors tried ten of social networking modules, we recommend the following top 5.

 Top 5 Drupal Social Networking Modules

Social Media

The Drupal module called Social Media can be the fastest and easiest tool to integrate your website with social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. With its plug-in widgets, you can freely add any follow and share button. To use it, you only need to do a traditional install by downloading all the modules from and then follow the instructions. It also offers a set-up wizard, which can automatically set up the social media profiles,
configure profile linking widget and sharing widget, as well as appropriately place the profile and widgets on your site.

Besides, Social Media give you the full freedom to do any configuration. For instance, you can install additional icon sets, change site profiles, organize and configure widget sets, customize widgets, and use tokens to display data. All of these require no technical knowledge and minimal experience.

Easy Social

Just as the name indicates, Easy Social offers an easy way for you to expand your reach on the web by adding shared buttons to your sites. By default, it associates Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn with your websites. Due to the fact that Easy Social is a stand-alone Drupal module, so you don’t need to worry something like including external JavaScript libraries, or adding several social modules.

Besides, Easy Social can be used as blocks, attached to nodes, comments and also as a viewing field. The only disadvantage about this module is that it is only compatible with Drupal 6 version and Drupal 7 version, and all the new features and further enhancements are exclusively available on Drupal 7 version.


AddThis provides you with the Add button and toolbox, thus once your readers like your post and click on the button, your content will be automatically shared to their friends. Undoubtedly, this module offers the number one bookmarking and sharing button on the Internet, which spreads your content across the web effectively, and makes it easy for people to bookmark and share it with others. Besides, AddThis also offer you the valuable statistics of bookmarking and sharing activity of your readers, so you can know clearly which post is preferred and which one is not so welcomed by people.

There are 2 special notes about this module. This first one is that AddThis is only compatible with Drupal 7 version. And the second one is that the 7.x-4.x-dev version is in active development, and still need some further testing to ensure the stability, so you’d better utilize the previous versions.


This Drupal module is a powerful tool that turns the participants of your social networks as the loyal visitors of your website. It has nothing to do but promote your content with the gigantic social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more inside your website. Besides, considering GRA4 is a global social network, you visitors can get access to the whole GRA4 community without the need to leave your site temporarily.

After installing this module, you can easily exchange the messages, share images and media, join to popular users groups in your niche, do social bookmarking, search for existing readers and attract new ones, etc. Your choices are unlimited.

Service links

Service Link facilitates the association between your website and social network platforms. It adds social media links and JavaScript button into your content, with no commercial advertising and spying hidden code. It comes with a tremendous number of useful features, such as showing links as text, image or both, providing links on node content and block, supporting dynamic or JavaScript buttons like Facebook Share, Facebook Like, and Google Plus One, rendering all links as XHTML code.

In order to make this module work perfectly, you’d better also install some external modules like Node Displays, Shorten URLs, Token, Jquery Update, and Bean.