Top 5 B2evolution Web Hosts – Best B2evolution Hosting

Top 5 B2evolution Web Hosts – Best B2evolution Hosting

As webmasters have realized the fact that b2evolution is a powerful open source blog software, we have received many e-mails from our readers, inquiring about the best b2evolution hosting providers.

Therefore, to help our readers get this issue settled, in this article, we have come up a list of top 5 b2evolution web hosts, based on price, compatibility, features, reliability, speed, support, and company reputation.

Top 5 B2evolution Web Hosts

After reviewing hundreds of b2evolution hosting providers in the market, we finally choose BlueHost, WebHostingHub, InMotion Hosting, A2Hosting and JustHost as the top 5 companies.


B2evolution is written in PHP and backed by the MySQL database, and it can easily be installed on almost any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). To be honest, the technical requirements of b2evolution are not very restrictive, but the web servers still need to have:

  • PHP version 4.3.2 or above. Version 5.x is recommended for b2evolution 4.1.7 and the beta version of 5.0.3.
  • MySQL version 4.1 or above. Note that MySQL 3.23 or 4.0 are totally outdated.
  • At least 16MB of PHP memory limit.

The top 5 web hosts not only meet, but also far exceed the minimum technical requirements for b2evolution, as all of them support PHP 5, MySQL 5, and set the PHP memory limit up to 256 MB. Besides, they also provide some other competitive features to ensure a safe and stable b2evolution hosting environment, such as:

  • Offering PHP XML module for XML-RPC related functions and XHTML validation.
  • Running PHP as suPHP for better security.
  • Installing Apache mod_rewrite 2 module by default to make the website more SEO friendly.

Price Value

The b2evolution hosting services offered by the 5 hosting companies are not the cheapest in the market, but are very cost-effective as compared to many other web hosts we have reviewed, ranging from $2.5/mo to $4.16/mo. Remember that never choose some extremely cheap or even free web hosting services to save budget, for these hosting solutions are often full of sucks and scams.

In addition to the budget-friendly pricing, the top 5 also includes a large number of competitive features in their hosting packages, with which customers can easily create and maintain their b2evolution websites:

  • Unlimited disk storage & bandwidth
  • Powerful cPanel control panel with 1-click b2evolution installer
  • The latest versions of PHP and MySQL database
  • Perl, Python, SSH, Custom Cronjobs, Ruby on Rails & CGI
  • Free $100 credit of Google AdWords

In the following, we have listed the details of the pricing for the 5 recommended web hosts. Note that each of them has its explicit promotional link or coupon code to activate a special discount.

Running Performance

As we all know, the data center infrastructure has a great impact on the reliability and speed of the hosting services. Therefore, the top 5 companies utilize the world-class data centers to ensure a top level hosting performance. While BlueHost and JustHost use self-built data centers, InMotion and A2Hosting has partnered with some big IDC companies all over the world to rent data center spaces.

A2Hosting is the first company take use of green data center in the world. Besides, all of these data centers include 24/7 live monitoring by both cutting edge monitoring system and experienced engineers, to guard against any system errors or malfunctions.

As tested, all of the 5 b2evolution hosting companies guarantee at least 99.9% uptime in the real world.

Even, to guarantee fast page loading speed, some of them have used the special methods. For instance, A2Hosting has utilized a lot of speeding up technologies like CloudFlare content delivery network, Railgun optimizer, and solid state drives. Also, all of their servers are 100% DELL branded featuring 15K RPM RAID 10 drives and SSD RAID 10 drives.

Customer Service

When selecting the best b2evolution hosting companies, the quality of customer service is one of the most important factors for us to take into account. After all, it is unavoidable to encounter some problems when setting up a b2evolution website, especially for newbies. To be honest, the listed 5 web hosts have done a great job in this aspect, offering a group of professional support staffs to address customers’ problems immediately. The support teams are accessible day and night via phone call, e-mail, and live chat, and every support staff is experienced, patient, and b2evolution-knowledgeable.


It is a big challenge to choose the best b2evolution hosting companies among thousands of web hosts in the market. Therefore, we highly recommend our readers going with one of the top 5 companies, as each of them offers an affordable price, rich features, excellent hosting performance, and responsive customer service.