Top 3 Web Hosting for Product Showcase

Top 3 Web Hosting for Product Showcase

For people wishing to set up a website about the product showcase, a fast and reliable web host is essential. Here, we’d like to share the top 3 companies that help customers display their services and commodities effectively.

After comparing hundreds of web hosting providers on the market, we finally decide to recommend the below web hosts as the best options for setting up product showcase websites.



As estimated, BlueHost now has hosted more than 5 million domain names for over 2.5 million customers all over the world, and the number is soaring significantly with 20,000 new customers each month. In fact, the cheap price and rich features really attribute to BlueHost tremendous popularity. Customers only need to spend $2.95 each month by going through the promotion link, then they can enjoy unlimited disk storage & data transfer, free domain name & unlimited domain hosting, cPanel control panel & 1-click script installer, and free advertising credits, etc. The purchase is 100% risk-free with the anytime money back guarantee.

It is worth mentioning that the data centers of BlueHost is cutting-edge and is equipped with Dell servers. By controlling everything in hand like server cooling, redundant power supply, and network monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week, BlueHost is capable of offering satisfying hosting performance. In addition, this company also provides some neat tools such as CUP, I/O, as well as RAM segregation, keeping its customers away from neighborhoods’ abusive hosting activities which can consume an excessive number of resources on the server. According to what is estimated, website hosted with BlueHost is 100% online with fast server response time of 320ms averagely.



WebHostingHub offers a user-friendly website building process for product showcasing. It integrates more than 310 free applications or scripts that help customers to create a website of any kind as they want, among which PrestaShop, Zen Cart, Cube Cart are perfect options for product listing sites.

Besides, with the 1-click software installer, customers can install and run the script within minutes without creating databases, unzipping installation file, and uploading the file via FTP. Additionally, WebHostingHub offers over 500 free templates, with which customers can easily customize the color scheme and header, or upload logo and background image. The price of the web hosting offered by WebHostingHub is every affordable, starting at $1.95/mo only for customers via the exclusive promotional link.

WebHostingHub has made 4 warranties to customers worldwide, which include 90 days money back guarantee, at least 99.9% uptime, fast hosting speed, and 24/7 responsive technical support.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a super-blazing web hosting service, only consuming 237ms for server response on average. This is because InMotion Hosting purchases cutting-edge web servers from Dell, along with quality hardware from Brocade and Cisco Systems. Besides, this company has multiple data centers located at the west coast and the east coast of the USA, featuring 10 gig Ethernet connection, multiple layers of power redundancy, BGP route optimizer, as well as stable and fast network connection. In addition, InMotion Hosting offers an exclusive smart routing technology called Max Speed Zone, which speeds up website to 6x faster.

Another shining aspect of InMotion web hosting is the premier technical support, with which customers can get their problems resolved via 4 ways: toll-free phone call, e-mail, online chat, knowledge base, and Q&A section. The support service is available 24/7, and the support staffs are required to have deep knowledge on web hosting, and are able to deal with any issues raised by customers with a professional and friendly manner.

InMotion Hosting has 3 web hosting packages named as Launch, Power, and Pro, which have been priced starting at $6.99/mo, $8.99/mo, and $14.99/mo regularly. But now, with the beneficial promotion link, customers can purchase starting at $3.49/mo effectively. Besides, this company offers a 90 days money back guarantee, which is the longest refund period on the market.

Why They Are the Best Web Hosting for Product Showcase

Unlike setting up a blog site or building a personal website, the product showcase site requires your web host to meet a lot of strict requirements, which have been fully met by our recommended web hosts. Check the details in the following.

Fast Page Loading Speed

This is the first aspect the web host needs to ensure. After all, if a webpage takes a long time for loading, your readers may do not have the enough patience to wait, and thus, leave your site to look for an alternative.

In this case, to ensure the super-blazing hosting speed, all of these three web hosts leverage some speeding up technologies, such as the Max Speed Zone, CloudFlare CDN, SSD and many more.

Enough Disk Storage

It is possible that you have a lot of products or items to be showcased on your website. In this case, you should figure out whether your web host can ensure your sufficient disk storage. Luckily, all of these recommended web hosts allow the unlimited disk space.

BlueHost, in particular, utilizes the exclusive I/O segregation technology to provide you with the guaranteed server resources.

No downtime

If your product showcase site is always unavailable online, you can hardly increase the page views and get more referral traffic. In this case, these three recommendations all utilize the rock-solid serve machines to ensure the stable running of your site.

Easy Management and Website Building

You may use some powerful scripts to set up your showcase site, so the web host needs to offer the user-friendly installer or site building tool to help your site start running easily. In addition, to ensure the easy management of the whole site, the advanced cPanel control panel is also essential, with which you can check and control the website files and data effortlessly.