The Top 10 eCommerce Software for Online Store Building

The Top 10 eCommerce Software for Online Store Building

Recently, we have received a lot of e-mails from our readers inquiring about the top 10 ecommerce software. This is because more and more people nowadays are looking to set up an e-commerce website or convert their existing site to an online store, with a view to making money online. To be honest, this has become a new trending among webmasters, especially the young people.

To create such a money-earning site, the related ecommerce tool is undoubtedly critical. In the following, we have listed some of the best options along with their highlights for our readers to choose.

Top 10 Ecommerce Software

In fact, there are a large number of ecommerce software available on the web, but we only recommend the most powerful and popular ones. According to their advantages presented in our introduction, you can choose the most suited one based on your needs and ultimate preference.


PrestaShopThis is one of the leading e-commerce software with more than 50,000 websites installed all over the world. By leveraging the power of dynamic AJAX-powered features and next-generation ergonomy, PrestaShop can guide your customers across the products rapidly and safely.

This software enables your visitors to take a view on your displayed product catalogue smartly and easily so as to change them into your customers. Apart from this, its inventory management allows you to manage a great number of products effectively with bulk updates and uploads, because it is prepared with the manufacture’s product list. This software’s other features are displayed as follows.

  • Unlimited sub-categories and categories, product images, specs, currencies, carriers, tax settings and destinations.
  • Featured products, new items and top sellers on homepage, product image zoom, and free shipping offers.
  • Customer user accounts and subscriptions, Google checkout module, and Newsletter contact export.


MagentoMagento is a newly-launched open source ecommerce tool since March 31, 2008. Developing based on the components of the Zend Framework, it gives users a great flexibility and control over the website. It is worth mentioning that this tool is built with the notion that every ecommerce implementation needs to be unique, making sure no online stores are alike.

Magento has differentiated plans including the Enterprise Edition, Community Edition and Magento Go for different purposes and goals. Moreover, the Magento Community Edition especially offers e-commerce solution for small business to get started in e-commerce. And this plan makes you able to extend the functionality with extensions and customize your store’s design. There are more features involved in this software as follows

  • Customer service and accounts, catalogue browsing and management, product browsing and mobile commerce.
  • Marketing promotions and tools, search engine optimization, analytics and reporting.
  • International support, mobile commerce, order management and site management.


OSCommerceOSCommerce is a popular ecommerce software that is free of charge and is under the GNU General Public License. It is powerful and open source, backed by a professional community with more than 50,000 developers, ensuring an excellent support system.

As an e-commerce solution and online store-management software program, osCommerce provides a plenty of out-of-box features which enable you to set up your complete and self-hosted online stores with ease and for free. This software is well-backed by no less than 260,000 service providers, developers and store owners who are always ready to help you with every stage of hosting your online business. Besides, various communication channels are available for you to ask for help including forum, live chat and community. More features are presented as follows.

  • Temporary and permanent shopping carts, real-time shipping quote integration with UPS.
  • Compatible with all of the major browsers, unlimited number of products and categories.
  • Support for dynamic images and physical products, web-based administration module.


OpenCartThis is another user-friendly and open-source ecommerce tool that is designed to build a search engine friendly and rich-featured online store. Until now, it offers over 250 features and over 1000 add-ons that are all powerful and competitive.

OpenCart is a powerful e-commerce solution for people hosting online business and it has obtained overwhelming popularity among the public. Users are able to carry out and participate in their e-commerce activities at a low cost by using it. Besides, this software has user-friendly SEO features and visually catching interface. This software also owns order management and multiple payment gateways with accessible support and update offered for free. It also has other features in store as follows:

  • Automatic image resizing, multiple languages and currencies, product reviews and ratings, and printable invoices.
  • Unlimited products, categories, module instance system, information pages and manufactures.
  • Shipping weight calculation, discount coupon system, backup and restore tools, and error logging.

Other good options

The other ecommerce software that is listed among the top 10 are introduced in below.


  • CubeCart – This tool is definitely easy to use, allowing users to set up a functional online store within minutes. One of the most beneficial advantages of CubeCart is the high level of customizability. Users can change the look, style, feel, layout of the online store easily with the help of its powerful HTML template system, matching your branding or products effectively.
  • Zen Cart

  • Zen Cart – Developed by a lot of professional designers, developers, and shop owners, this tool can achieve your goals effectively. Besides, it ensures users that there are no other sites that bear the same features as their ecommerce websites.
  • TomatoCart

  • TomatoCart – By leveraging the power of ExtJS RIA framework and an intuitive control panel, this tool guarantees users a high level of usability. Besides, it offers almost all the features provided by other shopping carts, and continues to update for more benefits.
  • QuickCart

  • QuickCart – This is an easy to start ecommerce tool, with which even a newbie bearing the most basic computer knowledge can set up an online store without any hassle. Coming with a lot of understandable icons, users can build and manage the site easily.
  • BoxBilling

  • BoxBilling – This is a free billing system that offers a professional and complete billing and customer management. It focuses on the safe and security, making use of many advanced technologies. Thus, users can enjoy a risk-free and worry-free online dealing environment.
  • AlegroCart

  • AlegroCart – AlegroCart is a free tool that is developed based on MVC Framework. With it, users can have their own shopping cart in a very short time. Besides, this software features a lot of style folders, along with different color schemes, templates, and page layouts.

Special Tips

With these functional and user-friendly ecommerce tools, webmasters can set up and manage their online stores without any efforts. However, this is not the ending part. Considering the webpage loading speed, security issue, and website management, webmasters also need to consider the hosting service.

For ecommerce hosting, the service needs to be budget-friendly and rich-featured, promising a high level of reliability, the peak performance, and a responsive customer service. Here, after comparing hundreds of web hosts in the market, we’d like to recommend the top 3 choices in the following.