Top 10 Blog Writing Tips – Things You Need to Avoid When Creating Content

Previously we have recommended you some useful blogging tips to tell you how to write good blog posts. But during the writing process, there are also some common mistakes that you need to avoid.

In the following, our editors have listed the top 10 blog writing tips to tell you the things you need to avoid when creating content, hoping to help you improve the quality of your blog posts.

Poor Beginning Paragraph

You may say that if the major contents of your post are good enough, the beginning is no longer a problem. However, if you cannot grab readers’ attention in the first few seconds, how could you expect them to read the following contents? Therefore, never belittle the beginning paragraph. Put your heart and soul in the first few lines and you are able to gain more visitors.


Large Chunks of Unbroken Text

Just imagine that if the article displayed on your screen is made up of large chunks of unbroken text, how can you have enough courage to finish the reading? Therefore, never do this to your readers. Otherwise, they are likely to leave your website with headaches and never come back.

Plain Text without Any Picture

If your content comes with plain text without any picture, people may feel dull and lose interest in reading your content. Thus, it is necessary to add some beautiful pictures in your posts and make the contents more appealing. In addition, there is a saying goes that “a good picture is worth thousands of words”, so you can try to insert some related images and cut down on the unnecessary textual descriptions. However, you should not let your content be filled with pictures as well. Generally, adding three or four pictures is proper in a normal blog.


There is nothing wrong to promote business or anything else in your blog. However, too many ads and links throughout the articles are likely to make people feel disgusted and intolerable. In this case, things may run counter to your wishes. Therefore, it is of great necessity for you to do your business marketing with care on your blog.

No Link

It is not proper to add too many links, but it also inappropriate to totally rule them out of your content. Actually, links benefit a lot in improving the ranking of your website in search engine results pages as well as winning more traffic to your web page. What’s more, when you refer to some technical terms that people seldom use, it is better to add a link and enable people to know what you are talking exactly. When writing something that you have introduced before, you can add a link to your related post, letting your readers learn more about it and winning more traffic at the same time.

Content Duplication

Never copy any post from others, for it can lead to the crisis of your website. Just as you cannot wrap fire in the paper, you cannot hide the fact that your writings are “borrowed” from other people as well. Once your readers find out that your content are stolen from others, they are likely to lose faith in you and no longer pay a visit to your website. Besides, you’d better not paraphrase other people’s materials as well. Always remember that original texts are the most attractive content both to human readers and search engines. Therefore, it is of great importance to learn how to prevent plagiarism and keep your content original.


Grammar and Spelling Error

Don’t let your readers check the grammar and spelling for you, because such mistakes in your content can give them an unprofessional impression of your website. Every time you finish an article, be sure to proofread the whole article. You may say that you are not good at grammar, then ask someone who is or use some proofreading tools like Grammarly to check it for you.

No Plan before Writing

Some people may write down what they have in mind directly without clarifying their thoughts. Thus, the contents they come out might be disorganized and hard for readers to understand. As a matter of fact, making a plan before writing, whether to write it down or think about it in mind, is of great help in coming out well-organized and readable writings.

Too Much Talking of Yourself

It is good to share your interesting experiences and feelings with people in your blog, but do not talk about yourself time and time again. The fact is that most people use a blog to obtain more attention from others, but not to find someone to care about his private issues. Therefore, you should think more from your readers’ perspective and write something that can draw their attention.

Old Topic

Do not indulge in your own world and create content that only interests yourself. You should learn what the trend is, and then decide what to write and how to present it. When creating content, you can make use of some social media, such as Google + and Twitter, to find out the popular topics. However, it is not necessary for you to write about all the popular topics. You can just select some of them that interest you the most.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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